It’s amazing how every defender of John Giduck seems tied into one of three incestuous relationships.  They seem to usually be on the payroll of one of John Giduck’s company (or getting some financial benefit from that association), tied in LTC Dave Grossman’s circle of the most ridiculously named events called “Sheepdog Seminars”, or seem to have (usually sexual) relationships with John Giduck (usually at some risk to their future financial well being – ask Donna Yaklich or Donna’s apparent twin sister, Shari). When will these people learn that Giduck will sell out his friends in a heartbeat?


Carl recently published the following defense of John Giduck:

John Giduck is a good man who has been opposed by very strong opposition with questionable motives (and I might add – questionable resources that drive that opposition). A (if not “the”) primary message of his book, Terror at Beslan, is that the events which occurred there on 9/1/04 were a training ground for a U.S. operation. I believe him to be right on the money. One really has to ask how and why such a well-funded opposition has been so effective at resisting such a powerful message.

ht tp://

As a religious man, Carl should at least understand that lying is a sin.  John Giduck has no shortages of lies in his speaker bios about being a US Army Ranger and years worth of documented Special Forces claims that he simply never corrected. There’s also what appear to be actual crimes such as using non-profit community corrections grants for halfway prisoners in the Sudan against myriad federal statutes or violating the Pennsylvania State Ethics with another incestuous Giduck defender, Joseph Bail, who serves as the Police Commissioner of te Chester, PA Police Department.  Of course, as a former maintenance man, perhaps Carl doesn’t grasp the fact that John Giduck’s false claims of being in Beslan right after the attack or his military experience consisting wholly of 58 days without completing US Army Basic Training and several weeks of military style adventure camps in Russia might detract from the credibility of John Giduck’s message to readers.

Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s take a look at LTC Dave Grossman’s claims of being a “Pulitzer Prize” nominee It would appear that there is the usual factual disconnect between what John Giduck’s most ardent supporters claim and what the facts appear to be.  There also seems to be the usual profit motive involved in the form of fooling police and military into buying books.


First, I’ll start by saying that as a retired military field grade officer and former West Point professor, LTC Grossman knows the difference between truth, lying, and “quibbling” which is the use of evasive statements or technicalities….

Honor, as it is understood by the Corps of Cadets, is a fundamental attribute of character. Honor is a virtue which implies loyalty and courage, truthfulness and self respect, justice and generosity. Its underlying principle is truth. It is not a complicated system of ethics, but merely “honest dealing and clean thinking.” If a cadet is true in thought, word, and deed, there is no question about his meeting the standards of the Corps. On the other hand, quibbling, evasive statements, or the use of technicalities to conceal guilt are not tolerated at West Point.

– MG Maxwell Taylor, West Point Superintendent (

LTC Grossman’s Claims of Being  A Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Dave Grossman’s official widely communicated narrative is that his book, “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. This blog post will demonstrate that it is not.

You can find Grossman’s claims of being a Pulitzer Prize nominee all over the internet.  A quick google search of “grossman pulitzer prize” (without quotes) will generate more than 3 million search results including Amazon and many well known police/military web sites.  For simplicity, we’ll just stick with LTC Grossman’s false claims on his own website and other verifiable first person sources.

Here is a capture current as of this blog post from LTC Grossman’s bio page on his website,


Since that page can be easily changed, let’s look at several statements that LTC Grossman made to the New York State Legislature in 1999:

Statement of Lt Col Gave[sic] Grossman

Before the New York State Legislature
October 1999

I am Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army, (Retired). My expertise in the area of human aggression and violence includes service as a West Point psychology professor, a professor of military science, the author of a Pulitzer nominated book and numerous peer reviewed encyclopedia entries on this topic.


The application of this to the military is outlined in my book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. This book was nominated for the Pulitzer prize for nonfiction in 1995, has been translated into Japanese and Italian, and is currently being used as a standard text in numerous universities and academies, to include West Point, and the California Highway Patrol Academy.

So we have at least two clear statements that not only “On Killing” was nominated for a Pulitzer but also that it was nominated in 1995.


The Pulitzer website is very clear as to what a “nominee” is.  A “nominee” is defined as the following:

A Pulitzer Prize Winner may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a news organization’s staff.

Nominated Finalists are selected by the Nominating Juries for each category as finalists in the competition. The Pulitzer Prize Board generally selects the Pulitzer Prize Winners from the three nominated finalists in each category. The names of nominated finalists have been announced only since 1980. Work that has been submitted for Prize consideration but not chosen as either a nominated finalist or a winner is termed an entry or submission. No information on entrants is provided.

Since 1980, when we began to announce nominated finalists, we have used the term “nominee” for entrants who became finalists. We discourage someone saying he or she was “nominated” for a Pulitzer simply because an entry was sent to us.

By using the term “nominee” since at least 1999, LTC Grossman has been claiming to be one of the two non-fiction finalists for the award in 1995 as he claims. He isn’t.


His name can’t be found in the entire list of 1995 winners or finalists which is here:

Nor can LTC Dave Grossman’s name or published title be found at all in the entire Pulitzer online database covering back to the 1940s

try the search yourself….


Let’s look at another case to see how anyone can become an “entrant” which is what LTC Grossman claims is a “nominee”

An entry form and $50
It’s not uncommon for Pulitzer entrants to claim to be nominees. Here’s how it works: Though there are only three nominees, known as nominated finalists, in each Pulitzer category each year, there are more than 2,000 entrants. One could say that all of them were “nominated” by someone. If all Pulitzer entrants could be called nominees, any publisher could give all its authors that honorific by submitting an entry form and a check for $50.

The Pulitzer rules make clear that the only people to be known as nominees are those finalists chosen by the Pulitzer juries.

Besides violating the official rules, such claims mislead the public. Tell readers that you’re an Academy Awards nominee, and they’ll understand that you’re one of the few finalists, not one of the many entrants submitted by movie studios. It’s exactly the same with the Pulitzers.

And in addition to misleading the public, such false claims rob honor from the actual nominees.


LTC Grossman is a well known trainer of police on a number of topics.  One would expect that police would expect the highest level of integrity from those that train peace officers.

– This claim of being a Pulitzer Proze nominee calls Mr. Grossman’s personal integrity into question. All someone did was pay $50 and fill out a form.  He’ll likely claim that he “didn’t know” as did Johah Greenburg in the MSNBC link above, but Mr Grossman is an academic and a former West Point professor.  As noted in the Pulitzer webpage FAQ, Pulitzer entrants have been told the difference between “entrants” and “nominees” since 1980.

– This is not the first time that Mr Grossman has “quibbled” about his credentials.  LTC Grossman claims to be an “airborne Ranger” (also clearly claimed in the statement to the NY Legistlature link), however, there is no evidence even from the LTC himself that he ever served in any of the three Ranger Battalions. He may be the only graduate of the 8 week Ranger course that doesn’t know the difference between an “Airborne Ranger” and a “Ranger School graduate”.  LTC Grossman also teaches about his self described science of “killology” yet has never served in combat or killed anyone.

– Mr Grossman apparently has had business associations with a similar group of people selling services to police and the government that seem to have similar integrity or actions that a layman can easily see as against the law.  John Giduck published a book in which he has first hand conversations about being in  Russia with the Beslan siege supposedly ongoing but actually was in Colorado at the time those conversations would have taken place.  John “Andy” Anderson, co founder of Archangel Group with John Giduck and who had made false claims to have been a high speed Department of Energy employee, also had conversations recorded by a journalist in which Mr. Andy Anderson appears to have provided defense advice in the Sudan in violation of ITAR statutes.  Joseph “Joe” Bail who serves as the Police Commissioner for Chester, PA and apparently received a $20,000 honorarium from Archangel Group that appears to be a violation of the PA State Ethics Act.  All three of these people are involved with Archangel Group which publishes Terror At Beslan which Mr. Grossman has sold and marketed at his seminars for years.

I’ll leave it to the reader to determine the whys of someone that sells books and training for a living to likely fudge the difference between paying $50 and filling out a form to being an actual Pulitzer Prize nominee. My opinion is if, like John Giduck, Mr. Grossman is knowing lying about his background to sell you books and seminars, what else is he lying about?  See the links below to learn more about the circle around that mutually promote and defend each other.

I still laugh about how cops pay a guy that never killed anyone for advice about killing.  How dumb is that? You may as well be sitting in a Grossman lecture about menstrual cramps.

We’ll have more on LTC Grossman coming soon.


Arrested! Archangel Group Consultant Ernie Manerchia Charged With Crime

How John Giduck Misleads You: Walter Chi Lies About John Giduck’s Legend

Giduck Of A Feather: John “Andy” Anderson Wasn’t A DOE Employee

John Giduck & Joe Bail: Timeline Supports $20k+ Honorarium For Consulting Services


The internet continues to spew proof that John Giduck clearly lied about his arrival in Beslan.

Sometime prior to September 2006, John Giduck  began telling people that he arrived in Beslan school while the siege was ongoing. There is no shortage of evidence that John Giduck originally claimed to have arrived “immediately after the final assault” on the school which occurred on 3 Sept 2004.

Of course, John Giduck now denies EVER having made such a statement.  He did so in a 7 May 2012 post on his mouthpiece blog.  Here is what he says:

As I had not been at Beslan during the siege and battle (claims I have never made)

– John Giduck, blog post dated 7 May 2012

Unfortunately, the internet has at least one very clear statement by John Giduck himself in which he claimed to be present during “mopping up” combat operations.

by teacher, historian, and author John Giduck. Explains the author, “I was there; I arrived when mopping up operations were taking place…”

– John Giduck, Google links to a paysite document but the Google captured quote is clear for the viewing at

After uncomfortable questions were raised about john Giduck’s travel timeline which included a need for a visa and an extremely unfavorable time difference to make the final assault,  John Giduck changed his arrival in Beslan to Sunday, 5 September 2004.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

– 5 May 2012 post on John Giduck’s mouthpiece on a blog post prefaced that it was authorized by John Giduck himself.

So, clearly, John Giduck was falsely telling people that he was at Beslan when he wasn’t. Him…in his own words.

Now, if for whatever reason you still believe that John Giduck could be telling the truth, here is how John Giduck describes the state of the school upon his arrival in a September 2006 interview:

At Beslan, when I first entered the school, I could barely negotiate it. The school was a warren of twisted wreckage, boulders of building material, and blown out floors. Moving through it was like leaping from one unsteady, slippery rock in the middle of a rushing stream to the next.

In Beslan, you could not have moved 15 feet in any direction without snagging exposed laces on something and falling flat on your face, maybe onto a booby trap.

– John Giduck,

remember that this description was published before John Giduck had revised his arrival date to Sunday, 5 September. This description contrasts markedly with photos of the school from Sunday, 5 September 2004 as demonstrated below:


The article from which this photo was taken is dated 6 September 2004 meaning that the only “sunday” as mentioned in the caption is 5 September 2004.  We know from newspaper articles from the time that the bodies had been removed and the rubble was bull dozed on 4 september 2004….one day before John Giduck’s arrival.   Note that there is no rubble, “twisted wreckage” or any of the other things that John Giduck falsely claimed….

Booby traps?  Every article that we have found from the time period says that residents were allowed in the school on 4 September.

Saturday September 4

1800 [6pm]: Authorities allow Beslan residents into the husk that was once Middle School No 1 to let people see for themselves what remained.

So, if John “danger mouse” Giduck did arrive on 5 Sept 2004 (against all logic and probability), he was about in as much danger as the old lady, the lady in heels, and the other bystanders in the photo.  To use another word, “none”….

These false and misleading claims by John Giduck cast serious doubt on the academic integrity of his book, Terror At Beslan. The book is bad enough with the large number of factual inaccuracies. In short, John Giduck wasn’t there in early september and hasn’t even provided proof that he was actually at the school within the first two weeks of September 2004 at all.  What is also odd is that despite claims in the book to have spent days in that tiny school “taking photos and measurements” as John Giduck claims on pg 34 of his book, there isn’t a single photo of John Giduck or his sidekick in any of gazillion photos of the aftermath of Beslan.

The evidence supports this blog.  John Giduck appears to have been lying all along….


John Giduck Lies: “I Was At Beslan”

John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan Errors: Key Beslan Mastermind Still Alive

John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar

John Giduck And William “Bill” Hillar: Similar Peas In A Posing Pod

Trust Degrata Tactical that John Giduck is the “real deal”.


As with most john Giduck supporters, note that they want to sell you something associated with john Giduck.  I wonder if Degrata Tactical is as willing to support John Giduck in 2013 after he won the recent Stolen Valor championship against a field of over 60 phony military fakers.

My opinion is that you should seriously reconsider giving any money to idiots that can’t or don’t want to believe the mountain of evidence that clearly shows that John Giduck is anything but the real deal.  I’d worry more that these guys don’t seem to have the expertise to quickly discern real from fake but want to train you.


John Giduck Lies: “I Was At Beslan”

More Voices: David Cariens Slams John Giduck’s VA Tech Analysis

John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar

John Giduck And His Legendary Special Forces Certificate of Appreciation

John Giduck won a decisive victory in one of the most difficult Stolen Valor tournaments ever.  This should tell you that John Giduck’s lies have been recognized well beyond this blog.  thousands of votes later, John Giduck is truly the People’s “Chump”ion.

At least, John Giduck earned this title…but likely won’t include it in his resume.

Today is day 2 of voting since I was traveling yesterday.  There is still plenty of time to vote.

6 Aug Voting Link:

Let’s give John Giduck an award that he finally earned

It’s funny how John Giduck has turned into the antithesis of everything that he wrote about in his book, The Green Beret in You: Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life .

Here is the summary of the book from Amazon

The Green Beret in You is look at the way Green Berets live there lives through honor, integrity, and discipline. Our organization feels that American men, and men all over the world, could benefit from reading this book. The majority of American men have lost their warriorship and it is time they are reminded of the duties and responsibilities that come with being a man. The modern man has become characterized by doing the easy thing and not the right thing. This problem has become a plague on American society and our enemies all over the world know this. This book examines the mentality of men in our special operations units and the benefits of living your life as they do. This same mind set is not totally absent in our society but it is becoming more and more rare. Warriors are still among us and these are the people that the average citizen runs to in a time of crisis.

– John Giduck has taken the approach of being the victim rather than being a man.  We know this from his blog and from statements that his few remaining supporters

– John Giduck neglected to realize that the “yes men” lapdog members of SOF and law enforcement that surround him are not representative of those communities.  For a guy that supposedly examined the “mentality of men in our special operations units”, john Giduck didn’t take much away from the time spent.

You see, it’s clear that John Giduck thought that we tire by now, forget, or defocus.  But we haven’t…

– This blog has published 156 posts about John Giduck and the usual suspects that surround him including Archangel Group co-founder John Andy Anderson, fellow co-conspirator Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail, Dave “I teach about killing but never killed nobody” Grossman, and others. Hundreds of thousands of readers have learned about John Giduck’s lies and misdeeds through this blog.

– John Giduck has acquired whole new audiences and the worst kind of fame as a finalist in the TAH 2013 Stolen Valor Tournament.  Regardless of John Giduck wins or not, his misdeeds have been validated by countless others that have voted for him or been surprised by his advance to the finals of the tournament.  The 2013 tournament has been recognized as having the toughest field in years.

– John Giduck has turned himself into a laughingstock with his changes in stories.  You see, like most lies, changing one’s stories highlights the lies that can’t be changed. For instance, John Giduck’s initial position of arriving in Russia while the Beslan siege was ongoing made him look absolutely ridiculous…so John Giduck changed his story.  The problem is that his book still had the original lies and he couldn’t change those.

– This blog has a lot of information that still hasn’t been published about John Giduck, Andy Anderson, and Joe Bail.  Some are waiting for tangible documentation, others have been passed to investigators, and others we are holding back…just in case.

Bottom line: We aren’t done here and won’t be until John Giduck does all the following personally (not through a third party)

– Acknowledges that he wasn’t in Beslan during the siege or on 5 September 2004,

– Provides proof of his actual arrival date in Beslan

– Takes ownership for and issues an apology for his Special forces legend and Ranger claims

– Issues an apology to those that have been impacted by his frivolous lawsuit

– That the original police report is true and there never have been threats against him or his family

– Ackowledges that all of his non-martial arts operational “training” that John Giduck claims was the result of short duration commercial military adventure style camps in Russia

If John Giduck wants this to end, he has the roadmap to doing so above (for this blog at least). He could always post a youtube video that covers the above points.  No matter what, John Giduck will need to do the right thing for once for this to end. I’m not holding my breath and will continue the mission.

Thanks for your readership and support.


John Giduck And Paid Russian Adventure Camps – Part 4

John Giduck’s Biggest Problem Seems To Be John Giduck

11 Things That John Giduck Should Publish On His Blog

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training

John Giduck has been voted into the finals of the 2013 Stolen Valor tourney

The tourney started with 64.  Here is the bracket of the top 16 competitors…


This year’s 64 military fakers has been recognized as having some of the toughest competition in years.

Trapper Frank Says:
August 2nd, 2013 at 10:56 am
This years field was an especially strong one. In any other year, Ken Crotchrot would have won in a walk. At this point, it is still anybodies ballgame.

Hondo Says:
August 2nd, 2013 at 5:09 pm
Hell, 6 of the 8 quarterfinalists (Tesla, Giduck, Lewis, Ladner, Crocheron, Monkress) would IMO have likely taken last year’s tourney – and a 7th (Hamilton) might have made a deep run but come up short. This was truly a “turd-studded” tourney.

For anyone who may be thinking that this blog is alone in its feelings about John Giduck, let’s look at some of the turds that Giduck has advanced beyond..

Tina Kerstan:  None of the below happened

“Tina was just returning from the front lines of the “Desert Storm” assault on Kuwait when the Iraqi missile struck. She and her commanding officer, Captain Richard Walker, had just parked about 60 feet from the front door of the ill-fated building and exited the vehicle when they heard a whistling sound. The missile crashed into the roof and exploded, demolishing the building and knocking them both to the ground. To Tina’s horror, she saw that Captain Walker had been cut in two by flying shrapnel; he died in her arms. Tina herself had been wounded, but she rushed into the ruined building three times to help wounded survivors escape before she lost consciousness and was Medevaced away from the carnage.”

Albert Bustamonte:

Video of albert bustamonte –

Romeo Martinez

It’s entirely possible that Romeo Martinez was a Marine at one time, but I doubt very much that he was ever a lieutenant of Marines. Another possibility is that he may have swallowed whole a lieutenant, or there’s a lieutenant buried in one of his chin folds.

There’s not much I can say about this guy. He kind of looks like the mentally challenged love child of Oliver Willis and a koala bear. But there’s nothing funny about that.

– TAH Blog

Shane Ladner: He was in high school when his secret mission in Panama below could have happened

I was involved in a firefight in Panama City. My squad was on patrol and we were ambushed by Panamanian Defense Forces. We were under heavy fire and pinned down. I was engaging the enemy when I heard an explosion behind me. I felt an intense burning sensation on my back as well as excruciating pain in my abdomen…When I recovered from my wounds I served throughout Central and South America, Cuba and Africa.

That lie there would eventually result in his wife losing her leg when a train hit his float at a parade. Since his fake missions in Panama he’s also been to OIF and OEF, became a cop, got fired as a cop, got his lawyer to submit a faked DD214, and been featured on the news. This young lad has a hell of a fake career ahead of him. He could be one of the greats. He might be the stolen valor equivalent of Jim Plunkett.

– TAH Blog

Todd Michael Hamilton:

Todd was the President of the Shadow 6 Foundation. Some would assume that “Shadow” had some sort of special ops type feel to it, while the “6” would indicate that he was the commander. All that is true, if by “Shadow” you mean a network systems operator, and Specialists are now “6’s” in military parlance. Anyway, douchetool here hiked across Washington state with the tower of power on his shoulder (SF, Ranger and Airborne tabs) and then resorted to the lame “I did it to honor soldiers” excuse.

– TAH Blog

Danny Russell Crane: At least this guy had 4 more days of active duty time than the 58 days that John Giduck had

Say what you will about Danny Crane and his 62 days of Active Duty time, but the dude really knows how to doctor up a DD214. He’s the Forrest Gump of Shreveport, Louisiana. However, he’s also been sentenced to 7 1/2 years in jail since 2000 for things such as harassment, fraud, ID theft and more.

His most heinous crime might be the fact that he “stole” the story of the Marine who stood guard outside the hospital room of the dying young cancer patient, Cody Green. Of course, he inserted himself into the story, though he pretends to be a soldier.

– TAH Blog

Ken Crocheron:  Ken had a far bigger fan base than John Giduck…john Giduck is still in the tourney…

Colonel, Uncle Kenneth Crocheron is a FAKE. This week it was finally confirmed and proven that our former beloved family friend, Ken, has been deceiving us for the 10 yrs we’ve known him…..deceived many many more innocent family members and friends and co-workers over the last 40+ yrs. He IS NOT a Green Beret, IS NOT a COLONEL, or any other army officer. IS NOT honorable in any way, regardless of the GOOD DEEDS he may have done for our family, it was all under the guise of rescuing us and trying to impress us with his clout.

– TAH blog

Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla: 

Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla is currently a major in the Civil Air Patrol in Virginia and assigned to HQ, VA Wing as Director of Aerospace Education. She got that job because she represented herself as combat-wounded Army Aviation Captain, and a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot. At one point she was claiming to be the CNO (Chief of Naval Operations). Well, either that or she couldn’t even spell NCO right. She claims that she earned a Purple Heart when her Blackhawk was shot down in Iraq and, of course, because of that incident she claims she suffers from TBI and PTS. Of course, she’s here on TAH, so you already know that none of that is true; as her records show, she’s never been to Iraq. She was a PFC Air Traffic Controller for about 13 months.

– TAH Blog

John Boudreau:  A story almost as incredible to believe as John Giduck arriving in Beslan within two weeks of the Beslan school siege

2200 confirmed kills and sniper missions with Tomahawk missiles.  Read more at

Punk Lewis:  Sounds like some John Giduck’s tall tales…

Punk’s story:

While conducting combat operations, insurgents launched a complex attack against the squad Lewis was in. During the ambush multiple rocket-propelled grenades (RPG’s) struck the patrol, causing Lewis several injuries. The wounds included Traumatic Brain Injury, dislocated jaw, nerve damage in his right arm, lower and upper spine damage, and short term memory loss.

– TAH blog

These are just some examples of the competition against which John Giduck has competed against.  NOne of the above are in the tournament anymore and John Giduck is in the finals.  This speaks to the level of Stolen Valor that John Giduck brings to the table.

Voting in the Finals will start next week.

This is day 2 of the Stolen Valor semi-finals voting

*Link removed*

Day 3 voting link will be posted here tomorrow.

31 July Voting Link:  *link removed*

1 Aug Voting Link:

John Giduck has earned this award.  In addition to allowing others to lie about his false military legend, Giduck has profited for years off the deaths of hundreds of school children with a book based on his own personal lies about the event.

Voting will be close.  Please add your vote to the total and let’s get John Giduck the internet fame that he so desperately appears to want at any cost.


How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

John Giduck, Chechnya, Bombings, Dead Cops, And Boston

A Review of John Giduck’s False Special Forces Legend

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training

John Giduck has been voted into the top 4 of over 60 entrants in the TAH 2013 Stolen Valor tourney.

People are paying attention.  This monday, you’ll have the chance to vote John Giduck into the “Turd Two” finals.  Right now John Giduck is two votes from being named “Chump-ion” for 2013.  The outcome could be anyone’s to win.  As noted in the comments at the link, any of this year’s excrement 8 could have won in previous years and previous year winners might not have even advanced to this year’s fecal four. Monday’s voting is going to be exceptionally tight. We’ll need every vote to get John Giduck to his deserved spot in the tournament finals.

For me, this comment from the TAH blog sums up the reasons why John Giduck should be bestowed this honor and actually deserves.

dennis yaklich Says:
July 25th, 2013 at 2:26 pm

Giduck is so much more than just suing SOF.

– Giduck trolled a dead cop’s wife at his funeral, acted as her defense attorney when she was accused, and then was screwing her in Jamaica on what her kids say was their father’s death benefits. Giduck had to flee to West Virginia as a result of this.

– Giduck’s wife/girlfriend/hosebag/whatever holds a pretty serious security clearance and Giduck has bragged about bringing high level foreign intelligence officers over to his house. Worse yet, Giduck proudly associates with a Russian group that the Washington Times says bombed a US Embassy

– Giduck funneled money from a community corrections non-profit in Colorado (halfway house) to rebels in the Sudan and then had a “smoking gun” conversation captured by a fairly well known journalist in which Giduck provided defense advice to the rebel group…both in clear violation of international laws and US ITAR.

ITAR Violation here:

Financial trail from CO community corrections state grant to Sudan here:

– Giduck lied in his book, Terror At Beslan, about being in Russia during the siege. He was actually in Colorado the entire time

– John Giduck appears to have violated the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act by paying what can only be described as a $20,000 honorarium to then Chester PA Dive Team Leader Joseph Bail in the form of a dive boat just weeks after Joe Bail finished a consulting gig for Archangel Group, a company owned by John Giduck. Joe Bail is now the Police Commissioner of Chester, PA and, per John Giduck’s website, contracts John Giduck as training manager for the police department.

– John Giduck appears to have created an online alter ego that he used to astroturf his books…for years.

If shit bird activities are the measure, it’s hard to top Giduck.

There you have it. They even used evidence from this blog as a reference.   Please help vote for John Giduck starting this Monday, 29 July 2013.

John Giduck wants to be famous; let’s help him achieve this dubious honor.