SOCNETLies dithers on today about how John Giduck never served a day in Special Forces.

Now, that is true!  First bit of truth since…err…umm..well…I don’t remember.

Well…there is the small issue of a false claim uncorrected is still a lie…but I guess that Mr. John Giduck’s first steps are the most important!  big hug for John Giduck becauise those claims were…err…..umm….”their fault”.

Isn’t John Giduck a lawyer? Isn’t the “it wasn’t me” defense taught in the first days of law school?

My imagined first few lawyer steps in any defense:

Step One:  “I am Outraged

Step Two:  “it wasn’t me”

Step three(?):  “I didn’t have sex with that woman”  [pointy finger waggling like a former President]

Made myself laugh because step 3 might actually occur when we hear the defense about John Giduck’s time spent with  convicted cop killer Donna Yaklich in Jamaica ….

But  I need to digress here his post unfortunately backslides into the “old” John Giduck :

Further, at all his speaking engagements, he goes out of his way to clarify that he does not have a military background. This has been verified by numerious people who have attended his presentations.

Sigh..if only this were true.  You see, John Giduck *did* serve in the military…the real story simply doesn’t fit his “International Man of Mystery” image because, for whatever reason,  he didn’t make it through Basic Combat Training. Apparently though, John was so high speed that he then went on to train Russian special forces unemcumbered by whatever kept him from passing…..basic….training.

Here is an excerpt from John Giduck’s military records acquired under the Freedom of Information act:

So, John Giduck served all of a few weeks from 24 sept through 20 Nov 1987.

Perhaps Army basic training was just harder than whatever Russian special forces training John Giduck went through because he actually finished the Russian training! Another big hug with a dose of really bad teeth to make john feel at home!  I mean who cares if they painted over the adventure camp sign!

So here is the thing. i will make it very simple.  if this man of such character and integrity that doesn’t need to lie known as John Giduck  is telling you or has told you that he never served in the military….he’s not telling the truth.  Perhaps it’s just easier to not mention it and claim that the above document  is a false allegation as well.  Seems to be the pattern but who knows…perhaps the truth outrages Mr. Giduck as much as any thing else these days.

I’ll post a bunch of SF claims that John Giduck kinda let slide over the years in future posts.