I had high hopes that John Giduck wasn’t going to let SF claims made by others stand.  I did really…

John Giduck even gave us something akin to a toothy grin to convince us that he simply wasn’t in control of what others said about him being Special Forces in his latest drivel on SOCLies.   He did, however, demonstrate that he was willing to threaten reach out all the way to Switzerland to make the one correction to his backgrounnd that apparently John Giduck is aware of (completely ignoring of course the other dozen or so uncorrected claims).

Put on your lobster bib in order to absorb the wisdom that is SOCNETLies that follows…

Let us leave aside for a moment that John Giduck has no direct control over what others write about him, and has in fact where any misstatements have been found, asked for a correction or made that correction voluntarily during his presentation.

An example SOCnet.com members have used as “evidence,” (taken from the comments section of johngiduck.com) is the the conference listing for a recent conference appearance in Zurich.

In the program the information incorrectly identified John Giduck as “a former US Special Forces Soldier”. At the conference he was on a panel along with the head of MI-5 and Brian Jenkins of Rand Corporation who is a former Special Forces soldier. It was not until John Giduck arrived that he learned that this had been put in the conference information.

In his short ten minutes of time to speak as part of the panel, the first thing John Giduck said was that he wanted to correct something that had been put out and that was incorrect. He said, “I want everyone to know that I was never in the U.S. special forces or any other, I do not come from a military background, I am not Brian Rand who was actually in special forces.”

It’s such beautiful sentiment but clearly John Giduck expects us to snort it through a straw made of sarcasm…

There are two problems in the above statement.  The first is that John Giduck is actually saying that he doesn’t have a military background and John  Giduck does have a military background.

The second problem is that it appears that John Giduck says that he always corrects any such inference that he is Special Forces and no direct control over such statements but apparently crosses his fingers behind his back  and under his breath slyly adds, “…except on my own corporate website…”  [Cue the BWAHAHAHA laugh here…..]

This screen capture is as of 14 Feb 2012 from the Archangel website owned and controlled by John Giduck!

“This is the story of an event almost too horrible to imagine. John Giduck has the credentials to write this book – he is not only a former Special forces soldier and expert on Russian history and culture, but he was on the ground in Beslan within hours of the assault.

At this point, I am confused as to whether the site John Giduck gives people the stinkeye through is the SOCNETLies site or the GiduckLies site.  All I know is that you need to buy a frigging program to keep John Giduck’s imagined reality straight from..well…real reality in terms of “look at what I say rather than what I do”.