Note to self:

If I ever need a cabal of cronies to defend me, please God have them be smart enough to be able to register on a vBulletin website and follow some simple rules EVERY TIME.

Of course, please let them be able to express themselves and form a coherent sentence beyond “LEEEAVVVVE  JOHN GIDUCK ALOOOOOOOOOOOOONE……” (with a face like the above)

That said, perhaps if I ever need a group of gold-diggers looking to score a quick payday professional security trainers  looking out for the best interests of those that protect us,  I’ll know whose organization to poach from.  Meh, they’d want to continue to keep John Giduck’s junk polished to a high state of chrome training calendar up to date without ever learning the hard stuff  like registering on a website.

Makes me wonder: Are these the brightest or the most easily manipulated?