As of this blog post, SOCNETLies has 20 publicly facing blog posts representing a classic Soviet style propaganda campaign that even has me thinking, “John Giduck, GOOOOOD, SOCNET BADDDDD” by the time I’m done reading any given post.

What’s funny is that in 20 blog posts, John Giduck is clearly engaged in a war of words…actually….make that a “war on word” with the operative word being, “attack” or some form thereof, “attacked”, “attacking”, etc.

SOCNETLies uses the word, “attack” 96 times in 20 posts.  That’s almost 5 times per post!

As contrast, let’s look at the word, “vendetta”.  It’s only used 14 times.

How many times does SOCNETLies actually address

– John Giduck’s qualifications to teach or opine on counter-terrorism tactics?  Zero.

– John Giduck’s rationale for vacationing in Jamaica with a convicted cop killer using the inhertitance from her dead undercover husband?  Zero.

– John Giduck’s unusual activity with non-profit companies including transferring money between companies owned by him and yet marking the Form 990 so as to indicate no relationship? Zero

– John Giduck’s really bad combover?  Zero.

Address those issues and perhaps people that ARE NOT on your payroll may get outraged as well.  That said, I’m about to call PETA about whatever animal seems to be perched on your coconut.

So, whoever is writing the SOCNETLies site needs to get out from under John Giduck’s hairy boys shadow, start addressing real issues, and buy a frigging thesaurus. Sheesh, I’ll send you one if you need it.