While John Giduck stews someplace pouting like a 4 year old, rolling chicken bones against some SOF guys, and vowing to spend the day ignoring his G.I. Joes , one has to wonder how John views himself after being outraged that the Special Forces community has questioned his claimed and inferred credentials.

My opinion is that John Giduck views himself like this

unfortunately, me thinks that the rest of the world that knows anything about counterterrorism views him like this

Isn’t the My Buddy doll cute?  You’d want to pay for and keep that around too , right?  Go ahead and admit it!

Th only thing thing the above photo is missing is it being in the center of a circle jerk with fellow public figure butt buddy co-author John Anderson.

Perhaps John Giduck really does know what it is like to have a Green Beret inside him after all….*high hat* …I’ll be here all week, folks, please tip your waitstaff!

But I digress…

All of the above being said, John Giduck is simply too much of a fat body to be working for C.O.B.R.A.  I mean really wouldn’t Fat Albert be a closer match? That said,  I’m sure John Giduck’s G.I. Joe action figures are taking a beating today anyway. …especially the one with the hawk eyes.  John Giduck knows that he sees and reports everything…


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