Good gravy…John Giduck is at it again this morning via his website SOCNETLies.  The whole SOCNETLies website needs to be snorted through a straw made of sarcasm.  Seriously.

Here is a guy without a clearance and exceptionally proud strong Russian contacts wanting to expose some guy in a military unit that simply shouldn’t be talked about to the entire world simply he has an attitude about always got wedgie in Russian adventure camp spy school.

The operative question here is, “if John Giduck is so willingly reckless through SOCNETLies with information that shouldn’t be talked about and gets YOUR personal information through his seminars and training as well as to the names and information about undercover police officers, people involved with special operational forces units, etc. , how can you be sure that he won’t do the same with your information?

[Cue John Giduck saying, “TRUST ME” here]

Trust him? John Giduck  has gone to Jamaica with the wife of a convicted cop killer, Donna Yaklich (does John Giduck mention that in his seminars to police? Prollllly  not.)

Through his SOCNETLies site, he has also:

– publicly released the personal data of a serving active duty Special Forces Master Sergeant during wartime who earned the Silver Star for valor and the Purple Heart

– publicly released the personal data of a former soldier that may have served in a unit that shouldn’t be talked about

John Giduck is like the kid in school that starts a fight and then starts windmilling his fists after he gets knocked down a few times or the prison bitch that gets crossed. He’s mad because he is a public figure using our hard earned tax dollars and we can’t question his credentials to do so?

Right now, he must be like a mad puppeteer pulling the strings of his ass menagerie puppet minions, sweating profusely and yelling, BWAHAHA.

I can see the conversation that John Giduck had with the unit that he refers to in today’s post…

Please let me into your secret facility so that I can publicly talk all about your unit in multiple open blog posts, expose possible members of that unit by name, and make more money for myself.  I know that I don’t have a clearance, no operational experience,  and continuing contacts with Russian intelligence officials, but please let me in. Pretty please!?!

I believe that John Giduck needed more hugs as a kid.  Maybe he’s still pissed over not making it through basic combat training because the drill sergeants didn’t give him enough hugs either…don’t know.

Any one that as ever worked with classified information knows that the first rule is to keep your mouth shut.  Unfortunately, John Giduck seems really good with using his mouth.  In fact, John Giduck may have his mouth open for other folks that we’ll detail soon.

Do you really want this guy to have access to your information or facility?


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