One of the beautiful things about living in the United States is the right to exercise our freedom of speech including the use of opinion, satire, and truth to examine, criticize and cajole public figures especially those that receive our tax dollars.  This blog is a good example of exercising that right.

Russia isn’t the US.  In fact, rather than looking googly-eyed and wanting to hold hands with US, they wanted to kick the US to the curb and beat us down faster than Ike on Tina. Some say that they still want to.

Enter John Giduck.

John Giduck has gone from waterbed salesman to pimping himself, convicts, sell-outs, and serving public officials (that’d be you, Joe and Ernie ) for tax dollars.

John Giduck talks more about his past in Russia than the person in the airplane seat next to you when have that book in your hand but also says little about his past in Russia (here is a game that you can try at home – try to Google what years John Giduck studied or lived in Russia.  Good luck!).

John Giduck makes no bones about having well placed friends in high places in Russian intelligence.  The kind of friends whose career has always been to recruit foreigners. Worse yet, John Giduck would have you believe that his recruiters these relationships are as benign as unicorns that fart rainbows and cleft lipped kittens.  Maybe he actually believed the metal mouthed grins or enjoyed wide angled secretly photographed trysts with some Russian babe named Sasha or Svetlanka, I don’t know. You’ve watched “From Russia With Love” and “Octopussy” so you know the down low here.  I think John Giduck knows it too.

Mr. Giduck also loves associations for some reason..on the same level as a fat kid loves cake.  Perhaps its because associations give John Giduck credibility and contact where he otherwise has none. The association that John Giduck needs to join is the weight watchers association…dang skippy that, if John Giduck did, he’d change the name to the “Big Boned Association”, “Pretty Face Association”, or some damn name so he can feel better about his lard ass. Hell, John Giduck even makes his own associations up and sells you a nicely framed certificate for $75 on his corporate website – this guy should sell waterbeds or office copiers, not memberships!

John Giduck doesn’t have any sort of clearance because they don’t have a level lower than “For OFFICIAL USE ONLY”. In short, “DUMBASS” isn’t a clearance level yet.

John Giduck is a man that also brags about his access to veterans’ groups at the highest level, pro bono work with such groups as their lawyer, and constant access to people with high level security clearances and secret facilities through his training.

So, for those keeping score at home:

– John Giduck likely has access to records of special operations veterans as part of his pro-bono work with veterans organizations

– John Giduck certainly has access to the private information of individuals that attend his seminars and training

– John Giduck has access to the personal information of those that get “certified” through associations that he owns

– John Giduck brags about friendships with and is photographed with people that not only recruit foreigners for a living, would be very interested in all of the above information, and with whom contact by a cleared person might have to be reported.

Chance of your information being sold or given to the Russians?  One might think pretty good. You don’t even get the hot Russian sexpot for an evening of wanton lust  in return for providing John Giduck all of your information to pass along…you pay him for it.  Now, that’s being a good waterbed salesman!


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