As if John Giduck’s Russian connections were not enough, John Giduck who trains cops for a living also has a history with a cop killer named Donna Yaklich.

For those that aren’t tracking what I mean by “history”, I mean “John Giduck was riding that ass as if he was riding frigging Seabiscuit”.  More clear now?

One of the most delicious moments came when a former lawyer with Lowery’s firm, John Giduck, accused one of the plaintiffs of “unprofessional” behavior. Veteran court-watchers may recall that Giduck himself exercised some questionable legal judgment when he jetted off to the Caribbean with then-client Donna Yaklich, the grieving widow who was later convicted of killing her husband, undercover cop Dennis. Donna’s currently doing time.

You see that there is also an entire transcript online detailing John Giduck’s specific role with Ms. Yaklich.

00:25:33 Donna yaklich is in jamaica on vacation.
00:25:37 With her new boyfriend,a denver attorney by the name of john giduck.
00:25:42 He was at dennis’s funeraland gave donna his card and said, “now, if you need anythingat all, be sure ” donna had called hima few days after the funeral, when pueblo police asked her to take a routine polygraph testto verify her statement.
00:25:58 Donna yaklich shows up with this john giduck as her attorney.

Why haven’t we heard from John Giduck about this trick, Donna Yaklich? Well, he’s a lawyer and lawyers never talk about things that they can’t disprove.  I think that is Day One Law School stuff.  Funny, that this never came up during John Giduck’s appearance on the Glenn Beck show in 2007 either.

I’d be worried if I was John Giduck’s 2012 girlfriend and reading this. She must know from my last post that those from girls named Sasha aren’t business calls, they are likely “bidness” calls from Russian tricks that are well trained in the artt of the nasty.  I’d also definitely make sure that John Giduck was always out of business cards and doubly damn sure that he wasn’t flying to the Caribbean on “bidness”.  But, that’s just me.

Of course, cop killers that are chicks (and have passports) should think about contacting John Giduck right away….they might get a free trip to Jamaica out of the deal! Of course, by “free”, I mean “shoved up your ass a nickel at a time” .  John Giduck can bring a whole new meaning to the term, “pro bono”.

Sigh. Perhaps John Giduck should reconsider who he surrounds himself with. He makes poor choices in terms of friendships…he must not of had so many friends as a young Russian cossack living in Aston, PA. Perhaps that explains why he has so many Russian intelligence officers as friends now.  Who knows…

Of course, cops may want to reconsider their relationship with John Giduck as well.


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