John Giduck, Joseph “Joe” Bail, and Ernie Manerchia are probably in some room right now working out with their shake weights and having that feeling like Mom just walked in on their circle jerk.

From what I’ve seen of these rotund cats, that circle might very well might look like this:


Joe and Ernie are senior public officials on the police force in the 33,000 person town of Chester, PA. That means that they are paid by the tax dollars from the hard working people of Chester and also public figures.  The people of Chester though are going to have to wipe the spooge off their chin despite likely promises by Joe and Ernie that they are from the government and here to help them.

You see, Joe and Ernie have received gifts from John Giduck. Things like a $20k zodiac for their “dive team”. They also are or, at least have been, personally on John Giduck’s payroll as consultants and make no bones about having flown all around the world on John Giduck’s dime while likely also cashing their paycheck as Chester public servants. One clear is clear. John Giduck clearly seems to get friends the old fashioned way…he buys them like one might in, say, Russia.

On a side note, my favorite quote about Joe and Ernie comes from @FakeJohnGiduck

#Chester PA public officials Joe Bail & Ernie Manerchia are coin operated BFFs. Nicks? They call me “Boss” and I call them “George & Weezey”!/FakeJohnGiduck/status/169469127528939520

But I digress…so, Chester PA is burning from crime and a lack of funding and George & Wheezey are flying around the world on someone’s else’s nickel collecting their Chester paychecks. If you are from Chester PA, do you understand what I mean now about having to wipe your chin?

Worse yet, it appears that George & Weezey have recently hired John Giduck as their training manager and for some bizarre “international intelligence unit”. Chester may as well be having a big bon fire with what few tax dollars remain.

In January 2012 [John Giduck] was hired to assist in creating the international intelligence section of the Narcotics & Intelligence Unit of the City of Chester (PA) Police Department and also serves as a training coordinator.

So, this is more screwed up than a football bat. Chester either has hired someone that has been paying Chester officials like a side piece while they were serving public officials OR John Giduck is lying. They probably still call him boss behind closed doors though.

Either way, “George and Weezey” are movin’ on up….


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