John Giduck wants you to think that the military photos are him as some kind of actual member of Russian Special Forces.  It is far more likely that John Giduck simply took a Kodak Instamatic with him to an “adventure camp” session that his own company ran.

Standard storyline here: suckers pay and John Giduck et al profit.

Need proof that John Giduck’s companies ran 1 to 2 week adventure camps? The below is from


The following courses are offered by the Company or affiliated organizations and associations:

Bodyguard Training – May 2003

Description: One week training program taught by top executive protection experts and instructors from the Russian government and Special Forces.

Location: Moscow, Russia.

Vityaz Anti-Terror Training – August 2003

Description: Two separate one-week training certification programs with the Vityaz Russian Special Forces anti-terror unit. Training in firearms techniques, hostage rescue, hand-to-hand combat, and psychology of terrorist assailants.

Location: Balashikha, Russia.

Note the “affiliated organizations and associations” part of the course description.  To me, that part means “not by John Giduck”.

No one doubts that John Giduck was being recruited  in Russia both when it was known as the Soviet Union and when it became an independent country.  What’s in doubt is John Giduck’s role during those years and how that somehow makes him a “counterterror expert” or “school safety expert”.

Of course, John Giduck wants to make you think that he was something different because as we know, John Giduck couldn’t didn’t even complete basic combat training in the US Army. Below is an example of how he responds to questions about his past….

Host: That’s back when John was a sleeper agent

John Giduck:  I have no comment

34:10 of this radio talk show

And this is guy that we spend hard earned tax payer dollars on in cities like Chester, PA?


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