One has to wonder what those years playing dressup with burly Russian men in the cold steppes of Russia did to John Giduck and his perception of Free Speech in America.

After last night’s post, bitch makes Putin look like goddamned Thomas Jefferson.  This from the same John Giduck that says the following

There’s far too much litigation going on in America.  People think that they were born to a perfect life and if something happens that wasn’t perfect…well…somebody else has to be blamed for it and that person should give them money. It’s a ridiculous way for us to manage our culture.

– John Giduck, 5 May 2008 21:10 of this recording

How did this come about? Apparently, after proving themselves unable to perform the most simple of tasks such as registering on a simple vBulletin website, Big Boss John Giduck must have spent the night teaching his minions how to cut and paste about Free Speech. George and Weezey must have blown a gasket learning that advanced computer stuff since that is much harder than using crayons.

Anyway, John Giduck via his “SOCNETLies” site dithered on last night about criminal libel. Anyone see a pattern of John Giduck crying like a prison bitch little girl about how some website hates him.  Isn’t this guy some double Ninja trained martial arts hall of fame and counter terror guy?  Do you want this likely Russian agent guy training your police?

John Giduck’s argument against free speech is as thin as his CT/AT credentials.  The problem with his argument?  John Giduck seemed to have finally followed my suggestion about the thesaurus and found the word, “libel” but doesn’t realize that the Colorado criminal libel law seems to be consistently overturned in federal court when free speech is used as the defense.  Please don’t ever let John Giduck be my lawyer if this is the best that he has. No one Chunky changed careers.

So perhaps after being recruited spending so much self proclaimed time with foreign intelligence officials in Russia, John Giduck saw that being a thug and intimidation works in Russia. News flash:  this is the USA…it doesn’t work here.

John Giduck’s post also is notable in the things that are omitted – John Giduck seems really good at omitting things.

– John Giduck is clearly a public figure which raises the bar on libel

– Pointing out those people defending and working for John Giduck that have criminal convictions is neither civil nor criminal libel

– Highlighting what may be improper relationships with other public officials such as Joe Bail in Chester, PA isn’t civil or criminal libel

– Informing police officials about John Giduck’s relationship with Donna Yaklich isn’t criminal or civil libel

– exposing John Giduck’s credentials (or lack of credentials) given that his credentials form the basis for receipt of tax dollars isn’t criminal or civil libel

So, John Giduck….go full tilt  Russian all you care to.  John Giduck must love playing cards. His favorite card seems to be the victim card.


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