In part 1, I showed how John Giduck’s company ran an adventure camp in Russia with an extremely rigorous selection process…they apparently only selected those with enough cash to pay (or visa, mastercard, sears card, food stamps, whatever).  Like I said, very stringent selection requirements…

Why is this important? John Giduck claims that all of his Russian experience comes from training with Vityaz and (despite attempts to camoflauge it with photos) that experience seems to be from summer camp.

John Giduck’s buttboy co-author  SGM John “Andy” Anderson (another public figure) runs his cock holster mouth about it below:

SGM Anderson was given permission to go on some of his trips. “The physicality of it was brutal, even by [American] Special Forces standards,” he said. “No one used a mouthpiece and there were no pads. The obstacle course was bad.” Anderson also confirms that all of the trainings he attended were conducted on a brand new compound of Vityaz on the Balashikha Army Base outside of Moscow. “They did everything John has said. This included shooting with Alpha instructors, hostage-rescue and a lot of hand-to-hand combat. They had a new multi-story, live fire shoot house. We lived on base and slept in the

So, in 2003, Archangel was a new company with sellout founding director SGM Anderson that was running summer camps in Russia and, astonishingly,  John Giduck gave SGM Anderson permission to go on a summer camp that was run by Archangel! Nice to know that John “Andy” Anderson spent all of those years in Special Forces just to suck the dip off John Giduck’s McNuggets after getting out.  Tasty!

Here is a replay of the “rigorous” summer camp in question….

Vityaz Anti-Terror Training – August 2003

Description: Two separate one-week training certification programs with the Vityaz Russian Special Forces anti-terror unit. Training in firearms techniques, hostage rescue, hand-to-hand combat, and psychology of terrorist assailants.

Location: Balashikha, Russia.

It was so hard..because they didn’t even wear mouthpieces or use maxi-pads! That’s how I read it, anyway. You know that summer camp couldn’t have been *that* hard because 1) it was open to the (paying) public and 2) John Giduck’s lardass made it through (or at least posed for his photos there).

Given that the camp description includes a certification, is this what John Giduck means in his seminar biographies?

He is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations

If so, this another laughable plotline entitled, “your tax dollars at work”. Summer camp apparently counts as Counter-terrorism experience these days (if your name is John Giduck anyway)