In Part 3 of  “John Giduck went to Russian adventure camp in order to sound exotically cool and grift tax dollars from local police departments”, we’ll look into the specifics of the training that John Giduck says that he received. I can feel the stinkeye that John Giduck is sending my way now..

Anyhoo, John Giduck says the following about his Russian special forces training (taken from John Giduck’s etch-a-sketch personal blog in a post entitled “John Giduck – Training in Russia” with text as of this post):

In 1999 John had been authorized to bring the first small group of Americans over to train, who underwent an arduous program, which included 18 hour days, much of it in hand-to-hand combat.  Several other programs expanded the skills being taught and required the groups to live on spetsnaz compounds. Through these programs Americans from both law enforcement and the military were provided great exposure to the assets, weapons, techniques and skills of their former Cold War adversary.     

As the majority of the instructors were military, with many being spetsnaz soldiers, over time John Giduck was offered the opportunity to train in other skills such as firearms, BTR and BMP (wheeled and tracked armored personnel carriers), wilderness survival, and small unit tactics.

So let me summarize the training (we do have readership among those that may be too simple to do easy things like log into a vBulletin website after all) .  If we consolidate what John Giduck says above with what is available from John Giduck’s posted photos, John Giduck apparently learned

– firearms techniques

– driving light tanks and armored personnel carriers (BTR and BMPs)

– rappelling (shown in John Giduck’s personal photos)

– Obstacle courses (from the same John Giduck blog post quoted above he also talks about “the dreaded spetsnaz Firestorm Obstacle Course on the Balashikha base”)

– Knife fighting

– mass attack scenarios

– wilderness survival

– Training over long days

Hmmm…..those bullet points look so familiar.  Where have I seen them before? Oh yeah, they are almost word for word from for an US$3250 per week adventure camp that coincidentally happens to be in Balashikha, Russia! Click the image to see a screen capture of the bullet points contained in the link for that adventure camp…

so it would appear that John Giduck’s own description and “proof” of Russian Special Forces training matches almost word for word with weekly adventure camp training provided for those with US$3250.

Of course, John Giduck will never comment on this nor will his sellout co-author John Andy Anderson.  They both know the truth.  Yet, they both keep qweeffing words like “honor”, “integrity”, and other words they looked up in that thesaurus I sent.

John Giduck makes this stuff funny himself (not too mention just too damn easy)


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