Poor John Giduck.  He describes people pointing out uncorrected claims of being a spooky action guy going yonder (SAGGY) as unwarranted vendettas.

As usual, John Giduck claims to be the victim here.

John Giduck wants you to believe that he would NEVER claim to be Special Forces, Green Beret, or anything like that. In fact , John Giduck puts forth the following tripe statement on his “SOCNET is a bunch of ugly gunkies”  blog:

Further, at all his speaking engagements, he goes out of his way to clarify that he does not have a military background. This has been verified by [sic] numerious people who have attended his presentations.

Bitch must think that “numerious” must be a fancy word for either “uninformed” or “secretly hoping to be Cool By Association by being near a guy that is Cool By Association”.  Time will tell. The blog post then goes on to make a big deal out of how John Giduck went and changed the bio at an event in Switzerland.

Ok..makes sense. Goodie. Goodie. Shouldn’t have been given that idea in the first place since John Giduck didn’t even complete US Army Basic Combat training…but I digress.

So John Giduck says “never” to having been Special Forces.

So why, pray tell, does John Giduck’s bio (provided by him) for a 2011 event in Chapel Hill NC also  say that he is a retired Green Beret? Apparently, in John Giduck’s world, “never” must be defined as “sometimes”

Yep…says right there..”Retired Green Beret John Giduck”. That’s something that John Giduck couldn’t earn in either his two months in the Army, pay for in some some way, or get through a series of one week adventure camps.

What’s sad is that sellout SGM John Andy Anderson likely had to have seen these claims…and then let them pass   Why?  Who knows but money can be a powerful motivation…even Russian intelligence knows that.



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