This is a non-snarky post is for the people that support John Giduck or are unsure about attending his seminars or training.  It is also a good place to start for journalists that may be interested in John Giduck.

Why did this all start? There are some basic questions about the background and qualifications of a public figure named John Giduck who has received large amounts of national security tax dollars to train local police departments, agencies of Homeland Security, and the military.  It wasn’t clear what the basis of John Giduck’s qualifications were to teach such topics.

To date, the following questions have not yet been answered by John Giduck.

1) Outside of personal friendships with real operators and attendance at adventure camp(s) in Russia, what specific verifiable training or experience qualifies John Giduck as a hands-on expert in counter terrorism or school safety? What qualifies John Giduck to make observations on tactical matters in such situations?  

2) Other than going to newsworthy crime scenes after the fact in his role as an author, what operational counter terrorism experience or qualifications does John Giduck have that allows him to provide commentary on such events? (as in “on site as it unfolds” not arm chair quarterbacking from academia later on)

3) How did John Giduck go from not successfully completing military Basic Combat Training in the US Army to “training Russian Special Forces”?

4) Why have there been so many uncorrected bios that claim that John Giduck had service in the Special Forces/Rangers including some false Special Forces claims on John Giduck’s own website?

5) Why have John Giduck’s most vocal defenders also for the most part been Archangel Group consultants (Joseph Bail, John Mason, Ernie Manerchia, John “Andy” Anderson) and why haven’t any of them mentioned adventure camp offered by Archangel Group or John Giduck not making it through Basic training? Is there a financial motive over the truth?

6) Why has John Giduck’s defense been primarily in the form of personal testimonials as to his “character” and photos that seem to only support that John Giduck attended a Russian adventure camp rather than a simple discussion of the questions above?  Note: these questions could have been resolved years ago if such an approach had been taken.

No one is hiding behind the first amendment. And, actually, even if someone is,  what’s wrong with exercising one’s right to do just that?

These are fair questions given that John Giduck is a public figure and US tax dollars are involved.  They are not part of any vendetta…just basic questions that taxpayers should be asking of any self-proclaimed expert.  The people that have asked such questions have been made the subject of law suit threats on the part of John Giduck.

As more information was made public about Mr. Giduck’s background and experience, the following questions also appear to be relevant to certain communities that follow John Giduck.


– Why would an author with impeccable credentials in the police community such as David S. Cariens strongly criticize John Giduck’s Archangel Group report on the Virginia Tech shootings  (

– What specific counterterrorism/antiterrorism experience do Archangel Group consultants and current small town police officers Joseph Bail and Ernie Manerchia have that isn’t represented in your own department? (beat cop, narcotics experience, some low budget SWAT experience)

– Should police officers be paying John Giduck for training after John Giduck vacationed with cop killer, Donna Yaklich? There is evidence that Ms. Yaklich paid for her holiday with John Giduck to Jamaica using her murdered husband’s insurance payoff and also paid John Giduck’s fees as her lawyer from her husband’s death benefit. John Giduck has been silent on this issue, but it is verified by news articles published when John Giduck was a young lawyer.

– Aside from Russian adventure camp, what experience does John Giduck have to qualify him to sell armored vehicles to police departments for counter terrorism operations? What experience does he have to qualify him to consult on their use?”


– What does your Security representative say about the existence of John Giduck’s clearance status?

– Should you be meeting with someone that (perhaps unwittingly) describes himself as being placed in the context of classic foreign intelligence recruiting scenarios?

– Should you be exchanging sensitive information with somebody like John Giduck, a second-generation Russian, who hosts high-level officials from FSB Russian intelligence as house guests?

– Have you considered what happens to your personal information once provided to John Giduck given his own description of his history and personal friendships with those Russian contacts?

– Wouldn’t you want to know if John Giduck had escorted or unescorted access to the classified access facilities that he claims and (if unescorted) the basis for that determination?

– Should you file a contact report after meeting with John Giduck?

I challenge you to ask yourself the above fair questions and also to ask the same of John Giduck. The dollars that enrich John Giduck are YOURS after all!