John Giduck’s  Special Forces claims are starting to get old now….especially since John Giduck double dog dared everyone reading the “SOCNET Lies By Saying I Claim To Be Special Forces” site to find where he allowed to stand that he served in Special Forces.

You’ll find hard verifiable facts here and not some wanker’s supporter’s testimonials. Here is what we have this time…this time from 2005 (

Mr. John Giduck, a former 10th Special Forces Group member and an international Anti-Terror School instructor

Meanwhile we have Louis J. Rapoli over on the Giduck run SOCNETLies site saying this

It amazes me and it is truly hard to believe that someone as knowledgeable as John about terrorism and the ways of the world is being attacked and his character questioned.

You must be easily amazed, Louis.  My message to you would be that I think that John Giduck has lied so much about not cumming in our collective mouths, he assumes that we won’t notice that all we are getting is a puff of white dust like when you squeeze a bottle of baby powder.

What is presented below, Louis, isn’t the “media” – it is the speaker’s own bio. Again, speakers normally provide their bios to events and those bios go to press unedited for the event.

Perhaps more testimonials about how John Giduck would never say he was Special Forces might whitewash the above claim.  More importantly, how could John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson and the other SOF qualified members of the Archangel Group let this stuff pass?  Oh yeah!  Character and Integrity! MONEY and Money!!


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