I’m sure glad that John Giduck and his paid supporters keep pissing on our backs and telling us that it is raining.  It’s a Russian way of making your story points I guess when it comes to convincing us that John Giduck would NEVER claim to be Special Forces.

There’s no doubt that John Giduck consults with three letter agencies…you know…like FEMA. <<giggle>> Since he doesn’t have a security clearance, they either ask him for a bio or they can just trust whatever he says.   So, why would FEMA believe that John Giduck was “former Special Forces” if he hadn’t told them so (?).

Giduck believes that every person should be part of a nationwide intelligence network, and that the end result is that we can utilize our resources and people to better prevent,  or at least respond, to critical situations (Giduck, 2005).  The advantages seen by department firefighters mirror those of this former Special Forces soldier.

http://www.usfa.fema.gov/pdf/efop/efo42701.pdf (page 30)

Gee…why would they think that? That said, why would any of the multitude of other people that have met John Giduck later write that he was Special Forces?

There seems to be an amazing coincidence of misunderstanding going on here where people collectively have the idea that John Giduck is Special Forces…even with contrarian evidence of only John Giduck’s body mass index.

It’s more conceivable that people would collectively assume that John Giduck worked in a donut shop or as stunt double for the frigging Pillsbury Dough Boy without any other context.


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