Ahhh…how our Manchurian Candidate Russian friend John Giduck would lead you to believe that he is a high speed special operations guy. John, after reading this article, please send more supporters to tell us again what a man of character and integrity John Giduck is….

What’s most troubling is that so many people believe that John Giduck has operational counterrorism  credentials.  Many of whom should know better or who could few minutes to verify John Giduck’s lack of operational experience themselves.

Membership in the Special Operations Association has quite high criteria for combat service that not many SOF guys can meet (primarily because of the support erquirements or lack thereof)

Membership is limited to Free World forces who supported or personally participated in missions deep inside hostile territory in a combat capacity. For the most part, the SOA is composed of U.S. Army Special Forces personnel but, also includes USAF Air Commandos/FAC’s, Navy Seals, Marine Raider and Force Recon personnel and veterans of other elite military organizations who were an integral part of Special Operations.

John Giduck claims membership in the above organization…not bad considering John Giduck couldn’t complete even 60 days in the US military. That said,  John Giduck clearly claims being a member here,

John is a lifetime member of the Special Operations Association



John maintains membership in the American Society for Industrial Security, is a lifetime member of the Special Operations Association and Rocky Mountain Tactical Teams Association, and a lifetime executive member of the British SAS Professional Bodyguard Association



John is a lifetime member of the Special Operations Association, Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association,


and here (among many other places online)

John Giduck, lifetime member of the Special Operations Association and the Russian Special Forces Brotherhood of the Red Beret Association, is available for interviews to discuss the situation in Georgia.


You get the idea by now…John Giduck is claiming to be a member of an association that requires very specific combat criteria.

The truth is that John Giduck is actually only an HONORARY member of the Special Operations Association.  His member number is 2521-HL…the HL being an abbreviation for “Honorary Life”.  Honorary members are not members of the Association despite John Giduck advertising that he is wanting you to believe that he is a full member of the Special Operations Association.

From the Special Operations Associations (SOA) Bylaws

However, the persons who have Honorary Membership status in this Association are not Members of the Association and do not enjoy any privileges or rights of a Member.

http://www.specialoperations.org/2009%20bylaws.pdf (pg 4)

The SOA bylaws go on to state

The advertising of Association Membership or Operational Associate status for either commercial or political purposes is prohibited. (pg 7)

John Giduck repeatedly stating in his bios that he was a lifetime member of the SOA would not only be a violation of the SOA bylaws about commercial use but would also be a lie.  Honorary SOA members are not members at all.

The link between an association with stringent combat entry criteria and Mr. giduck would also provide the impression that John Goduck has some type of back story involving Special Operations Forces.  John Giduck does not.  He attended a Russian adventure camp and paid more than $10,000 to gain entry into the SOA.

$10,000 is a small price to pay for the commercial value of leading people to believe that you received your membership that hard way…in combat.

John Giduck Special operations association life membership

The only place that we can find John Giduck saying that is an honorary member of the SOA is on his own recently produced website.  Please point us to any reference of John Giduck’s bio that clearly states that he is a honorary member of the SOA dated 2011 or prior.

Again, one has to wonder why vetted SOF members of Archangel were so willing to put their integrity aside and allow John Giduck to continue playing “Special Forces dressup” in essence duping police departments, Homeland Security organizations, and the military out of our tax dollars.


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