In the “oh so continuing pattern of oddly coincidental belief that fat boy author John Giduck is Special Forces” department, we have the Eugene Police publishing that John Giduck was a Russian agent Special Forces operator.

Another uncorrected special forces claim by John giduck

Here is what they say…

All TEU members attended a department sponsored training class presented by John Giduck related to the Virginia Tech University mass shootings. John Giduck is a former special forces operator and nationally recognized terrorism expert.,%203rd%20Quarter,%20Complete%20Quarterly%20Summary.pdf (Page 58)

Why would the Eugene Oregon Police Department publish  that claim on a .gov site official report in a way eerily similar to how FEMA did? This was department sponsored training. Did the Eugene Oregon Police department expend the citizens’ tax dollars in the belief that John Giduck was a “Special Forces Operator” as the basis of that expense?

Of course, if John Giduck was being honest about his military background the quote would be as follows:

John Giduck is a nationally recognized terrorism expert that wasn’t able to complete US Army Basic Combat Training and was out in less than 60 days. He perhaps compensates for this by hosting Russian Intelligence senior officials at his home instead.

I guess that the above just doesn’t have as cool a ring to it though.

Back to topic. Clearly, SOMEONE is telling these government organizations like the Euguene Police and FEMA that John Giduck is Special Forces. They wouldn’t be writing it if they hadn’t heard it.  The common denominator here is John Giduck.

Anyone else see the continuing pattern here?


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