Blah blah blah. We keep hearing that we should believe John Giduck even when there is non-trivial evidence to the contrary about various points throughout this blog. What are we supposed to believe when there is significant new evidence that questions a key part of John Giduck’s basis for being an authority on Beslan Russia?  To be clear, evidence that points to him NOT being on scene right after the battle but perhaps even weeks later…

John Giduck Beslan contradicted

John Giduck’s supporters point to John Giduck quickly being on scene “within hours” as a huge point for his crediblility.  Here is what one supporter recently posted on John Giduck’s own website.

You’ve walked the battlefield at Beslan with the expended brass under your feet! What more do your detractors want  from you?

Below are some of the descriptions of when John Giduck first arrived at Beslan. Note that NONE of them include a specific date.

John Giduck, arrived at the Beslan Middle School No. 1 in North Ossetia, Russia, at the conclusion of the battle by Russian Special Forces to retake the school.

and here…

So the Colorado lawyer, wrestler, martial arts enthusiast, and police consultant arrived in Beslan while the charred bodies of murdered children still smoldered in the rubble.

and here… (never mind that John Giduck is described as a former Army ranger…wonder who told them that)

John Giduck MBA, JD, former Army Ranger and Yuri Ferdigalov, former Russian Special Forces veteran were called to Beslan, as consultants, days after the terrorists occupied the school and before the counter assault began.

John Giduck describes his own trip as follows (note the carefully worded “the first tickets we could”)

When the Beslan siege first happened I grabbed Archangel consultant Yuri Ferdigalov, a former Soviet Spetsnaz (Special Forces) commando, and we got the first tickets we could and headed straight for it.

and the description from John Giduck’s own book has the following on page 13

Ok…so we are to believe that John Giduck arrived as the brass and bodies still smoldered.

So, I’m going to talk directly to John Giduck for a moment….

Please explain why the Congressional delegation headed by Congressman Wheldon from Pennsylvania said the following in the Congressional Record dated 22 September 2004 in their description of their trip to Beslan Russia the previous week:

John Giduck Congressional Record Beslan

So to be clear, the Congressional delegation obviously armed with all information available from the US Embassy and Russian authorities believed themselves to be not only the first Americans onsite in Beslan but also the ONLY Americans authorized to visit the school.

This seems further validated by one of the first bios published in Nov 2004 (before John Giduck published his book).  Note the description is not one racing to the site, of any haste, or being there within hours but more along the lines of a casual trip…

Mr. Giduck, with an ex Russian special forces veteran, recently visited Beslan, Russia, to see and learn first hand the details of the Chechnya rebel’s
takeover of a school.

John, through his extensive connections in Russia and knowledge of the area, was able to tour the entire school, see the recovery, interview local citizens as well as members of the local police and members of the reaction teams such as Alpha and Vympel.  He also interviewed the Commander of the Russian VITYAZ commando assault team.

From this, John gave us a detailed accounting of what happened, who did and did not work together, assault and contingency assault plans, complete with diagrams, photos and video.  More importantly, John also told us what the terrorists did inside the school and how they set their assault up.  (dated 11/11/2004)

I believe that this bio about John Giduck’s first trip to Beslan was written before the metaphorical memo was written that described the trip as a race to the scene.


From the new evidence, one has to ask about John Giduck’s presence in Beslan in the days after the siege.

This detail is key to John Giduck’s credibility as a writer. So, rather than call John Giduck a liar teller of tales,  I will call on two entities to follow up here.

1) John Giduck should post verifiable proof that he was onsite in Beslan before 10 September 2004 (within a week of the battle)…grim faced photos that could have been taken weeks or months later don’t count.

2) Any investigative journalists that are reading should followup with the parties involved to better understand these issues

That way, we can see if John Giduck’s story of the trip to Beslan is what he describes.  I will be surprised if it is given other facts that have come to light recently  about other statements that John Giduck has made.


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