John Giduck….

This time John Giduck claims being a Russian Mole National Collegiate Weightlifting champion but was it as he claims?

For context, here is what John Giduck has written about himself in the “About” section of his own blog…

In 1980 he was co-captain of Penn State’s National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team, and in 1984 won the U.S. Open Weightlifting Championships in addition to receiving the Outstanding Lifter Award.

We’ll examine the 1980 championship team statement separately from US Open weightlifting claim

Penn State 1980 National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team

So. there are two things that are pretty important to understand within the context of John Giduck’s claims (other than many seem to be not so true)..

1) The official name of the Penn State weightlifting team was actually the “Barbell Club” and it was  restarted in September of 1980 after a brief hiatus. You can read about the history here:

But, of course, John Giduck knew that the name of the team wasn’t….aww…never mind.

2) Penn State did not win a “National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship” in 1980. How do we know this? We found someone that actually was on the PSU Barbell Club team between 1980 and 1983.

John Giduck could not have been part of any such National Championship team, because if they won such a championship, no one that was on the team from that time (except John Giduck) seems to remember it!

Here is specifically what that person said via email:

It was called the Penn State Barbell Club back then, but yes I was involved, starting in the fall of that year [1980]. But I don’t remember the team winning any kind of championship. We didn’t have enough lifters to fill the weight classes to win any kind of team award. No idea who the captains were, or if we even had anyone named as a “captain.”

Remember that we are talking about someone that is mid-50s here…not someone in their 80s.

And John Giduck’s name was provided. When asked for his thoughts on John Giduck’s participation on the team, we got this telling nugget.

I don’t remember a “Giduck.”


How many of you would remember someone’s name as a co-captain of a championship team if provided with the name as a clue? Maybe *all* of you?

ETA at 11:50PM Pacific 15 April 2012: Since this is a search for the truth and not a vendetta as John Giduck claims, it turns out that POW Network confirmed military poser John Giduck was part of a team that won a national championship.  That said, it is not quite the national championship that John Giduck claims.  The AAU is a private organization that sponsors local, regional, and national events. It isn’t a collegiate  championship as claimed so finding the proof myself took some time…

Penn State’s National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team..not quite

In 1979, York College in Pennsylvania hosted the AAU Collegiate National Championships.  This is not the competition that occurred in 1980 which is the year claimed by John Giduck.  The 1980 event apparently was the AAU Senior National Championships which is a national event but not the National Collegiate Championships as claimed.

We want to be fair. Out of 70 some false claims, I guess John Giduck had one somewhat correct claim.  This change has no bearing on John Giduck’s claims of professional credentials. Let’s hope that John Giduck documents some of those far more important claims.

U.S. Open Weightlifting Championships

You can search on Google for “U.S. Open Weightlifting” (with quotes for the exact phrase) and you’ll find two total pages of results with one search results page that actually has to do with weightlifting. There are no event or results of events with the name, US Open Weightlifting Championships..

There are a few references to an event with that name but primarily within the context of a particular contestant.  There is of course John Giduck entry as well. That said., there was this description on one of the articles

She qualified for the US Open Weightlifting Championships last December, but the event’s sponsoring body, USA Weightlifting,

You can search the events with “open” in the name on the USA weightlifting site and there isn’t anything to be found with the name “US Open”

The governing body doesn’t seem to know about it’s own event that is the “US Open” championship? Does he mean American Open Championships?

Shouldn’t there be far more internet publication for an event that sounds so impressive?  Winners lists? Anything?  Or is this like the mythical Penn State National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team from 1980?

Or should we as readers simply accept this claim as another John Giduck “Sham”pionship?

Some others that I guess competed with John Giduckin these mythical events and teams?

“I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire, I own a mansion and a yacht”

“….and my wife, Morgan Faaaaairchild”

Then again, perhaps John Giduck can simply refute what seems to be a lack of proof as to the events and teams that he claims by providing a date and giverning body for such an award.  Don’t hold your breath…


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