This post will be presented as simply a description of how John Giduck came to know senior Russian intelligence officers and a list of various counterintelligence indicators that may be applicable to John Giduck.  The reader can draw their own conclusions if the indicators as presented apply to John Giduck or not.

Here is how Joseph Bail, police chief of Chester, PA and apparent partner with John Giduck in an International Intelligence Unit in the 33,000 person city of Chester describes John Giduck’s recruitment by first meetings with Russian intelligence officials in his rebuttal to the Washington Monthly article:

[John Giduck] explained that years before he had known the former director of the KGB for the St. Petersburg region while working on his master’s degree at the university there. You see, the wife of that man — KGB Lt. Gen. and Director Anatoli Kurkov — was one of the professors in charge of the foreign students.Through her, John met Gen. Kurkov. This is something that John typically does not talk about in public or during trainings, unless specifically asked.


Especially when the case officer is of a different culture than the one whose people he is targeting, the recruitment process begins not necessarily with a person that has the desired information. Instead, the first recruit may be someone well-connected in the local culture. Such a person may be called a principal agent or an access agent, who may simply arrange introductions, or actually run the operations of subagents.[6] Some agents of this type may be able to help in the pre-recruitment stages of assessment and development, or may only be involved in finding possible assets.

Indeed, an access agent may arrange introductions without being completely witting that the purpose of meeting the target is to find people who will participate in espionage. A well-respected technical professional, or a professor, often will make introductions within their field. Such introductions are perfectly reasonable in non-espionage contexts, such as looking for jobs or people to fill them. The process of personnel recruiting for industry is not completely dissimilar from recruiting spies. Both may use personal networks, and, in industrialized countries, computer-assisted personal “networking” (for example, through websites such as LinkedIn).

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Maintaining ongoing personal contact, without prior approval, with diplomatic or other representatives from countries with which one has ethnic, religious, cultural or other emotional ties or obligations, or with employees of competing companies in those countries.


Joking or bragging about working for a foreign intelligence service, or having a mysterious source of income.


Offering extra income from an outside activity to a person with a sensitive job


Repeated statements or actions indicating an abnormal fascination with and strong desire to engage in “spy” work. Fantasies of oneself as a James Bond.

and this..

Short trips to foreign countries, or within the U.S. to cities with foreign diplomatic facilities, for unusual or unexplained reasons, or that are inconsistent with one’s apparent interests and financial means.

and even this

Knowing membership in, or attempt to conceal membership in, any group which: 1) advocates the use of force or violence to cause political change within the U.S., 2) has been identified as a front group for foreign interests, or 3) advocates loyalty to a foreign interest.

Note right at the top…”if a story smells fishy, it probably is fishy“.

John Giduck is a public figure being paid with tax dollars with very unusual foreign friends that happen to be high level Russian intelligence officials. Is John Giduck someone that should be in contact with people that have security clearances or does he represent a risk?  I don’t know.  Should people with security clearance exercise care in their dealings with John Giduck?  Likely.  Should we as a nation be paying John Giduck  through Homeland Security funds or other tax dollars?  Probably not in my opinion.

You heard it here first.


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