John Giduck wrote Terror at Beslan. Like any good aspiring Communist author, John Giduck has an interest in stamping out dissent getting good customer reviews on Amazon. As of this post, John Giduck has 58 positive reviews on Amazon..but is that indicative of anything at all?

Let’s look at some of the reviewers of the book, Terror At Beslan, to see if the reviews should be considered by the average readers to be fair and objective.   Note that I don’t have a problem when people admit that they may have a bias…the reader can then take that into account.

This is grouped from first review of John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan in 2005 to last

Walt Copley

I have known John Giduck for more than ten years, dating from the days when he taught classes for me and I copy-edited his Master’s thesis. His knowledge of Russian history, language and customs is encyclopedic…

Ok, at least that Walt admits he knows John Giduck. Oddly, for a guy that has “encyclopedic” knowledge of Russian, John Giduck doesn’t seem to speak Russian very well. He says so some place but I’m too busy with more important stuff these days to find it again.

Christopher W. Sauser

Here is what John Giduck says about Chris Sauser in the book, Terror at know, the book being actually reviewed…

I’d like to express my appreciation to Chris Sauser and the men and women of the Russian Martial Arts training Center…

Chris doesn’t let on that he knows John Giduck.  It would have also been nice for readers to realize that he is actually mentioned in the book that he “reviewed”.

James Ransome “P.H.D”

It is an honor to know John Giduck

Well, at least James admits knowing John Giduck…why he has Ph.D. in quotes is a whole ‘nother issue that frankly worries me.

Chris Ziegler

When Giduck learned about the exercise Zeigler had organized, he invited Zeigler to come to the International Terrorism Conference held on May 16-18 in Denver, Colo., to share his experiences with the attendees.

John Curnett

Det. Siewert pictured with ALERRT Author & anti-terrorism guru, John Giduck (left) and ALERRT Director of Training, John Curnutt of the San Marcos, Texas Police Department.

Yvonne Bornstein

John Giduck provides a glowing review of her book too…in return perhaps for her review of Terror At Beslan?

J. Bierly

This could be the retired Marine LtCol Joe Bierly named in the Washington Monthly article along with John Giduck.

Brian Moyer

This was the funniest for me.  Brian has three reviews – all for John Giduck’s books including Terror at Beslan.  Dude, expand your horizons beyond fiction.

As of this post, 15 of the other positive reviewers have no other reviews…at all.  Odd….as is the number of times that different people write what seem to be talking points for the book….”must read!”…”everyone in the Universe should buy this book!”.  Yawn.

23 of the 58 positive reviews in total…perhaps they all are completely objective reviews…who knows. The reviews for John Giduck’s other books include a review by someone with the same name as John’s  girlfriend so I can’t complain too much.

At this point, I don’t know whether to tell you to draw your own conclusions or to all clap in unison like the end of a Soviet speech.


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