When I think of terror, John Giduck returns to the forefront of my thoughts…and not for the reasons you might think.

I’m “terror-fied” that Homeland Security and local police officials might actually listen to John Giduck based on what others say is flawed research.

Beslan School Siege (Joshua Craze):  http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2011/1103.stalcup-craze.html

Virginia Tech Shootings (David Cariens): http://aquestionofaccountability.blogspot.com/2011/11/more-shooter-down.html

Given John Giduck’s personal friendships with high level Russian intelligence officials,  shouldn’t people with clearances be filling out contact reports when meeting John Giduck instead of encouraging them to provide John Giduck their personal information?

Since having a background apparently isn’t required for security funding, I’ve come up with a Six Phase Mass Security Funding Deception Model to help me become a recognized security expert and lay siege to security funding.

Here it is….

1 – find an obscure event about which you have no qualifications and interview people in order to publish a book with claims that the same events will occur in the US in the same manner

2 – Assemble a group of friends to review and promote book (pay them or hire them as needed)

3 – Begin a sustained seminar tour with scary photos and a message of “do it for the children”. Prioritize events with Homeland security funding and brag about access to sensitive facilities.

4 – Continue to grow the participation of these same friends in original event  saying that they were onsite using the FISHSTORY approach.  Have friends hire you as a consultant using tax dollars.

5 – Get a Ph.D. in the interim for credibility  and write additional books while sharing information with foreign intelligence officers for pocket change.

6 – Encourage friends to get Ph.D.s to boost their own credibility

Rinse and repeat!



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