Here I was thinking that John Giduck was just all about the Beslan school siege..and I was so wrong. Did you know that John Giduck, author of Terror At Beslan, Shooter Down, and When Terror Returns also claims to be a veteran and “survivor” of eight wars/conflicts? 8?  Really?

The first question would of course be…”which eight wars/conflicts would those be?”…quickly followed by the obvious “WTF? You expect people to believe this?” John Giduck must be counting sitting in some hotel room in the same country or his schoolyard fights..seriously.  Of course, when John Giduck is trying to be spooky and mysterious, there is no need to actually have an answer.

Here is John Giduck’s actual claim:

Mr. John Giduck is an honorably discharged American soldier, survivor of eight wars / conflicts. He is also president of the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides consulting and training at all levels of public safety and military operations.

Source: ( (towards the bottom)

Ahh.. the cult of John Giduck. I guess John Giduck’s supporters expect the world to take John Giduck’s statements at face value…

First of all, John Giduck was discharged as a soldier after only 58 days of service in the US Army. John Giduck was barely in the military long enough to finish in-processing before he started out-processing as an honorably discharged soldier. Apparently, whatever 8 wars/conflicts that John Giduck survived were easier or less challenging than…you know…US Army basic training.

Note that the statement is written in a way that would lead most reasonable people to believe that John Giduck’s (short) time in the military is related to the eight wars/conflicts. They aren’t because that’d be one war/conflict every week that John Giduck was in the Army.

Next, define “survivor”. That is a much more modest word than “veteran”, “warrior”, etc. Survivor implies that John Giduck didn’t do much at all…just survived.  My guess is that if John Giduck was in a war zone, he “survived” staying in 4 star hotels rather than 5 star hotels.

Lastly, do images of a clean, pressed John Giduck with a likely photoshopped Afghanistan war zone background count as “surviving”? Or how about the 6 days that John Giduck’s visa says that he spent on the ground in the Sudan doing what female NGO employees have been doing for years? 6 days are now a resume bullet. That’s 10% of the time that John Giduck spent in the Army.

So, John Giduck’s  statements are long on conjecture and short on facts. Specifically, since he is a public figure receiving tax dollars to provide training and advice based on his alleged experience and background in counter terrorism and tactical experience, what 8 wars/conflicts did he “survive” and what was his role in those conflicts? John Giduck will have to answer those questions. Don’t worry…we’ll wait.

Perhaps, John Giduck should stick to saying that he was at Beslan school on the third day of the school siege…(or was he?)


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