If you go to the web page that is “all things great about John Giduck” known as his his blog that reads like a balance sheet without a liabilities statement, you will see John Giduck rescuing slaves in the Sudan with an organization by the name of Christian Solidarity International.  That’s cute..in a way that a puppy is cute


That said, nowhere on John Giduck’s blog does it say that John Giduck has a financial relationship with this organization using taxpayer or donation funds from a non-profit halfway house owned by John Giduck in Colorado. Halfway house in Colorado to Sudan? is that what taxpayer money went to?  Sudan? Huh?

Let’s start at the beginning.  In 2002, John Giduck became the director of a non-profit by the name of the “Community Responsibility Center”.  It is/was a 154 bed halfway house or community corrections facility in Colorado. We know that John Giduck was President and owner of this non-profit because John Giduck signed the Form 990 for the Community Responsibility Center

All IRS Form 990 screen captures in this post are from http://dynamodata.fdncenter.org/990_pdf_archive/840/840744378/840744378_200312_990.pdf

We also can surmise that as a community corrections facility, John Giduck’s non-profit received funding from the state of Colorado. The Colorado Division of Criminal Justice receives funding in the annual Long Bill for community corrections programs. The line items receiving funding are as follows:
• transition programs;
• diversion programs;
• standard nonresidential services;
• specialized services;
• day reporting and monitored 3/4 house programs; and
• substance abuse treatment programs.

Supposedly the justification for revenues provided to  the non-profit Community Responsibility Center was to provide rehabilitation for the “clients”…or transitional  inmates.

So, now, let’s look at exactly where some of the money may have actually been spent…

On his blog, johngiduck.com, John Giduck has photos of a trip to Sudan in 2003 and the following description:

One of the few groups trying to help these women and villages was Christian Solidarity International. A team from Archangel Group made two trips into rebel controlled southern Sudan in early 2003 to assist in the redemption of slaves, and also to fund and host a peace conference between the two groups

Where did the Archangel money come from to “fund and host a peace conference”?  Perhaps the clue is in the 2003 IRS Form 990 for the Community Responsibility Center:

So, John Giduck says that Archangel funded a meeting between Christian Solidarity International and Sudanese rebel but the money actually seems to have been funneled from funds allocated to a halfway house in Colorado.

In October 1997, the U.S. imposed comprehensive economic, trade, and financial sanctions against the Sudan. They were in place when John Giduck funded a peace conference in 2003. By admitting to having funded a peace conference in the Sudan, did John  Giduck violate the provisions of US Law 31 CFR 538 – SUDANESE SANCTIONS REGULATIONS?  It certainly isn’t part of the humanitarian exemption for US sanctions…

(b) Humanitarian donations. The prohibitions of this part do not apply to donations by United States persons of articles, such as food, clothing, and medicine, intended to be used to relieve human suffering.


In addition to the donation to CSI, you’ll see a donation to the Foreign Threat Assessment Center.  Despite showing that there is no relationship between the entities, the Foreign Threat Assessment Center is ANOTHER non-profit owned by John Giduck

Giduck has been a trial lawyer, a soldier, business owner, college professor, bull rider, national weightlifting champion, skydiver and scuba diving instructor.  After leaving the Army, he began doing an increasing amount of work in the Soviet Union and at the same time worked as a consulting contractor for the U.S. government, including the FBI, concerning Russian organized crime in this country.  He co-founded Foreign Threat Assessment Center that eventually became Archangel.  “To my knowledge there were no other non-profits out there doing what we could do and we decided to make a contribution,” Giduck said in a telephone interview.”


Actually, the IRS Form 990 describes the new company

The Foreign Threat Assessment center seems to be DBA Archangel.

So, given that John Giduck provided both a $15,000 donation to Christian Solidarity International and provided the $20,000 in seed capital to what was to become Archangel, it’s pretty clear that Colorado taxpayer money supposedly for the benefit of community corrections inmates was funneled to the Sudan. That’s a lot of coin for a 6 day trip.

John Giduck seems to omit that pesky detail in his blog post. It’s another undisclosed business relationship of John Giduck’s that was brought tio light through simple bragging. And before you start thinking that John Giduck was actually working for some three letter intel agency, he wasn’t…I doubt that they’d think he was smart enough or discreet enough…

Which brings us to the point…

Does the state of Colorado aware of how the money paid to the CRC was to be used? Was the transfer of moneys from a halfway house to rebel groups in the Sudan illegal?  I don’t know. Only Colorado and federal officials can say for sure.  I do believe that the whole thing smells bad and is worthy of further investigation.


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