Did you know for all of John Giduck’s huffing and bluffing puffing about being “attacked” in 2007 and later in 2011, smart people have been raising serious questions about Archangel and John Giduck’s background/experience since at least 2005?  This would be long before the 2007 questions that John Giduck claims uniquely came from a different organization.

A blogger named Penheaded started raising questions about John  Giduck in November of 2005 that are remarkably similar to questions raised in 2007.  Here is some of what Penhead said

This organization has come up on the radar. John Giduck, president of Archangel, is pimping a book and has a series of seminars that are surrounded by confusion about his history.*

The blog goes on to note that John Giduck has undisclosed relationships as part of the credentials and qualifications that he claims.  Though this is long standing concern as far as John Giduck’s qualifications with respect to paying John Giduck with hard earned tax dollars, credit needs to be given to Penheaded as being the first to note these discrepancies

On the org’s site Giduck’s book is featured and he is listed as having the highest level certification in homeland security. That certification is given by another organization where he sits on an executive advisory board. The certification is listed in the credentials of a number of members on that board.*

Penheaded was also on the trail of John Giduck’s Sudan money issues.

Archangel is a 501(c) (3) organization meaning it is tax-exempt and donations are tax-deductible. Archangel and Giduck’s not tax-exempt concerns co-sponser events.*

Unfortunately, Penheaded didn’t have enough information that became available after 2005 such as IRS Form 990s signed by John Giduck.

We’re gonna be sniffin’ around this. More to come.*

Others have been helping you “sniffing around” lately.  Ah, Penheaded, if only people had listened back then…a belated thank you for some great work on your part until they do listen.

*All quoted text is from http://penheaded.blogspot.com/2005/11/tactical-missionaries-spreadin-love.html


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