Poor John Giduck. The more that John Giduck tries to convince us about his counter-terror and anti-terror qualifications, the more obvious that it becomes that John Giduck actually attended a series of one and two week summer adventure camps.in Russia.

John Giduck and the faithful cult around him like to use the Teddy Roosevel quote about the man in the arena.  The problem is John Giduck’s never been in the arena…he’s been in the theme park about the arena known as “Adventure training”

Real spetsnaz training is grueling with a very high failure rate.  Keep in mind that John Giduck was only able to complete around 58 days of military service in the US Army.

Spetsnaz training is usually around 50-70 weeks long….It is rumored around 85% of the trainees fail and 3% will sustain some kind of injury or die. 

[The training] is located in the town of Balashikha-2, only 10 km away from the Moscow ring. The average training of a solid CSN operative lasts about five years.


So the key question is if John Giduck was actually training Spetsnaz soldiers as he claims, what exactly could he have been training them in that they wouldn’t know after 50 weeks of special forces training given John Giduck’s 58 days of US military service? Only about 18% of US Army recruits fail to complete basic training.

There is also that pesky problem of a timeline for John Giduck’s Spetsnaz training. We also know that Americans cannot get a Russian visa for longer than 90 days in any six month period.

Most foreigners may remain in the Russian Federation for only 90 days in a 180-day period. This provision applies to business, tourist, humanitarian, and cultural visas, among other categories, and is typically noted on the Russian visa.


So, if Americans can only get visas to visit Russia for up to 90 days, how did John Giduck attend 50-70 weeks of Spetsnaz training?  We know that John Giduck was a practicing attorney and ran non-profits for most of the 90s and early 2000s.  When did John Giduck have the time to attend any Spetsnaz training other than summer camp?  Answer is he couldn’t have.

We’ve also previously established that one of the non profits that John Giduck ran was the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts.  Look who sponsored summer camp in Russia in 2000 and 2001…

25 MAY TO 2 JUNE 2001


For the second year in a row, Russian Spetsnaz commander Mikhail Ryabko has secured the authorization of the army and Interior Ministry for a group of approved individuals to train with elite Spetsnaz units, including the Counter Terror and Rapid Reaction Forces, sponsored by the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Ltd.

Two days of training will be undergone at a secure special forces base outside of Moscow. This is authentic military training, with either open barracks or tents for accommodations. Toilet facilities will be outdoor, with no showers available. The group will have the opportunity to develop skills on the obstacle course; armored personnel carrier operation; tactical field combat techniques, including attacking and defending superior numbers; topographical orientation and combat engineering; firearms; knife and shovel fighting, weapons disarming, psychic energy in combat; and hand-to-hand combat in Russian Systema.*

* << all are taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20010408014205/http://systemamartialart.com/events/events.html  (it takes few seconds for the page to load)

John Giduck has photos of himself in most of the above training evolutions…only rather than admitting that he is at adventure camp, John Giduck is trying to convince that they are from actual Russian Spetsnatz training.

In Part 1 of this series, we demonstrated that Archangel and John Giduck was running one-week training certification programs with the Vityaz Russian Special Forces anti-terror unit in 2003.  This is likely the certification that John Giduck often refers to in official John Giduck conference bios such as the following:

[John Giduck] is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations.


One week adventure camp…”to conduct anti-terror training and operations”. Umm-kay…..no wonder John Giduck no longer lists this supposedly important qualification on the “About” page of his personal blog.

If you go to John Giduck’s gallery page on the JohnGiduck blog, you’ll see a photo of John Giduck playing dressup dressed in a Russian uniform.The photo at the link is captioned as follows:

During training with spetsnaz, John Giduck with Russian spetsnaz commander of the Vityaz anti-terror unit, Col. Sergei I. Lisyuk who holds Russia’s highest medal for valor, the Gold Star – Hero of the Russian Federation, at Col. Lisyuk’s office on the Vityaz compound of the Balashikha Army Base, Russia.

The intent of the photo seems to falsely convey to the reader that John Giduck was actually with Spetsnaz. The reality is much different…and consistent with the description provided in the adventure training materials.

Each group member will receive a complete Spetsnaz uniform required for all persons on the base. This will make a great souvenir of this incredible adventure.*

So, summer camp provides a uniform as a momento. Nice…hopefully he got the window decal and cup holder too.

John Giduck is mentioned by name several times in the same article

Applicants who are U.S. citizens or residents should contact John Giduck for information, payment and processing*

If you live in the USA, send this form to:

John Giduck
221 Corporate Circle, Suite E
Golden, Colorado 80401
United States 303-215-0779giduck@systemamartialart.com*

On a side note, it’s also interesting that John Giduck does not claim Russian Airborne training that is also available through an adventure camp. Don’t Spetsnaz soldiers jump from airplanes?  Is this because John Giduck is afraid to jump from an airplane?  But I digress…

Decent men attacked unnecessarily? If you want to know why people are digging deeper in learning about John Giduck on the internet, it isn’t because he is a patriotic American that was sitting around minding his own business.  It’s because John Giduck is a public figure claiming to be something that he isn’t – being “certified in anti-terror” and allowing others to make false claims about John Giduck’s credentials.  The result is that John Giduck is being paid with tax dollars and attempting to influence policy based on these false credentials.

Given that tax dollars are involved means that we have a responsibility to get answers to questions of John Giduck’s qualifications.

What’s more sad is that real deal SPECOPS people around John Giduck (such as retired Special Forces SGM John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson) surely know what John Giduck’s actual background is and not only have said nothing but actually worked to help propagate the falsehoods.


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