John Giduck is using photos from the Russian Spetsnaz adventure camp trips run by the his own Systema Martial Arts company  to convince people that he actually went through Russian Spetsnaz training.  I will show a conclusive link between the claims made by John Giduck on his personal blog site and a Systema Martial Arts sponsored adventure camp trip made in 2002.

The lesson here is that the internet has a LONG memory.

We provided strong evidence of John Giduck’s source of claims of being “certified” in antiterror operations in Part 1. I went on to demonstrate that much of John Giduck’s credibility for antiterror operations actually was drawn from Russian Special Forces adventure camp in Part 3 and Part 4.

now, let’s demonstrate an actual linkage between John Giduck’s claims and the adventure camps.

John Giduck posted a photo of himself as the 8th photo in the Balashikha Base section of his post entitled “Training in Russia” captioned as follows

John Giduck negotiating Firestorm Obstacle Course.

That photo of John Giduck negotiating the “dreaded spetsnaz Firestorm Obstacle Course on the Balashikha base” can be found on John Giduck’s blog host,

That same photo can be found archived as part as the photo collection from John Giduck’s 2002 Systema Adventure Camp trip to Russia.

That link to the matching archived photo is here:  (takes a few seconds to load).

There is no question that it is the same photo taken from an internet archive that is on John Giduck’s blog as proof of his training with Spetsnaz. The original photo provides no indication that the photo includes John Giduck as he claims on his blog.  Note that John Gidduck omits that his training was in one to two week increments as part of an adventure camp. Also note that John Giduck’s photos only seem to exist for 2001 and 2002…which means that John giduck may have received as little as two weeks of “Russian Special Forces anti terror training” in total.  Lovely.

In my opinion, the connection of these two photos is GAME, SET, and MATCH for debunking John Giduck’s alleged counter terrorism/anti-terrorism credentials and experience. 

In fact, you can still find a number of those photos (or thumbnails) from the 2002 Russian Special Forces adventure camp still archived in a gallery view here:  (takes a few seconds to load)

and some thumbnails from John Giduck’s 2001 trip here: (takes a few seconds to load). Note that the 2001 trip quite possibly be the source of John Giduck’s posted photos of Spetsnaz hand to hand fighting as the gym seems to be very similar.

In the gallery view, you’ll find other photos of events and training evolutions as what appears on John Giduck’s blog but from different angles.

In summary, if John Giduck’s is basing his counter-terrorism experience is drawn from a series of one week adventure camp, does that form the basis for the use of tax dollars for his seminars to Homeland Security professionals, local law enforcement officers, and military units?  You decide.

If nothing else, there is just cause for questions about John Giduck’s claimed background and experience.


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