There are more questions than ever about John Giduck’s misrepresentations about his military service in the US Army…even though John Giduck only served in the US Army for 58 days. The question now is “Does John Giduck have a tattoo with the insignia of the 82nd Airborne Division?”  The bigger question is if John Giduck does…who had had knowledge of it?

It’s amazing the attention to detail that journalists have.  If they are accurate in some minute details, the other details have a higher probability of being true (a concept that John Giduck may not himself grasp).

Here is what E. Benjamin Skinner wrote in a book called, “A Crime So Monstrous: Face To Face With Modern Day Slavery” which is a book about slavery in the Sudan.

Here is an excerpt from page 80:  (page 80)

So, the author, Mr. Skinner, got several points correct about John Giduck.

– John Giduck was the President of Archangel at the time

– John Giduck was 44 at the time

John Giduck claims to be the survivor of eight conflicts

The next details fits the narrative of other posts in this blog despite John Giduck’s claims to the contrary

– John Giduck is a former Green Beret

The reader can find a long list of other people and organizations that also left engagements with John Giduck having the false impression that John Giduck was either a former or retired member of US Army Special Forces.

This only leaves the pesky detail of the 82nd Airborne Division tattoos. The text is written in such a way that would leave one to believe that the journalist had actually seen these tattoos. Few people would claim having one without showing it, right?

It is difficult to believe that an author would include this detail without verification.

If John Giduck has an 82nd Airborne Division tattoo, this would only strengthen the narrative that John Giduck has been presenting himself as something that he is not.

To be clear, I hope that John Giduck doesn’t have such a tattoo. Why? If John Giduck does have such tattoos and John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson has seen those tattoos, one has to wonder why SGM Anderson would continue to support the charade of a man having such tattoos with only 58 days of US Army military service….US Army airborne school alone is 21 days and that is a requirement to be a member of the 82nd Airborne.

In short, it would be a complete disgrace to the Special Forces Regiment if SGM Anderson would be a party to such a fraud if indeed John Giduck has this tattoo.

Perhaps it’s time to ask John Giduck if he has such a tattoo.


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