John Giduck has finally addressed the mystery of the “survivor of eight wars/conflicts” statement over in the comments section of a post entitled, “Decent Men Attacked Unnecessarily”.  It’s a whopper…and contrary to the evidence I’ve presented on this website.  You decide.

Certainly with the approval of John Giduck (which a reasonable person might assume since the site exists to refute supposed lies about John Giduck), here is what the admin of the SOCNET Boo Hoo blog states in the comments section: (bold mine)

Commenter: “his statement as to being a survivor of 8 conflicts is priceless.”
Admin: This is not a statement ever made by John Giduck. What John Giduck does say is (and while this is not verbatim it is close):
That as part of the work he have done for Archangel that he’s been in some bad places, call them hot zones or warm zones or whatever you want. He’s been to Sudan twice, southern Thailand, Afghanistan, the Chechen War theater, Georgia during the Russian invasion and occupation, and even Israel’s northern borders with Syrian, Joran [sic] and Lebanon. Then he always goes on to say that despite having been to those places, that he is not like the brave men and women in the military who sign on the dotted line and say that they will go anywhere they’re told, fight any enemy they are put in front of, and not stop until ordered to do so, sometimes paying with their lives. He says that when he gets to those places he has the great luxury of looking around and if there’s anything at all he doesn’t like, even if there’s not enough cold Coca Cola he can get on a plane and come home.

He is clear in his distinction unlike certain members of SOCNET who will take any statement and twist it to serve their vendetta.

So my question to you is have you ever heard John Giduck speak in person, attended one of his training sessions? Have you ever taken the time to email him and ask him your questions in person? Have you ever bothered to speak to others who do know him?

And given your stated desire to make sure people know “the truth” – if not, then why not?

Ok….it’s the critics that are twisting John Giduck’s words.  Got it.  We aren’t at war with Oceania either….

The reader is free make their own opinion based on the information presented.

Once again, here is the original screen capture in the first blog post that we captured John Giduck’s statement about neing a survivor of eight conflicts.  Note that this is from an Archangel released bio.

Here is the text in case you can’t read it from a 2006 article

Mr. John Giduck is an honorably discharged American soldier, survivor of eight wars / conflicts. He is also president of the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides consulting and training at all levels of public safety and military operations.

Source: (

Worse yet for John Giduck’s commentary is that another author, E. Benjamin Skinner, also captured the same quote about John Giduck surviving eight conflicts here  (page 80).  How would Mr. Skinner guess that if he hadn’t been told that John Giduck is a survivor of eight conflicts…not 6, 7, or 9 mind you….but 8.

There are others.  Below, John Giduck is not only a survivor of eight conflicts but also a honorably discharged Special Forces veteran in a 2008 post;wap2

So, my question is this: Is John Giduck a misunderstood man or intentionally trying to mislead other people for personal gain?


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