When will the parade of “misunderstandings” about John Giduck from his own supplied speaker bios end?  John Giduck now maintains that he always corrects when false claims are made yet they always remain uncorrected…sometimes even for years.

ranger gidduck

Here is the latest false military claim by John Giduck…a conference bio from November 2005 clearly and falsely stating that John Giduck is a former US Army Ranger:

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“Terror at Beslan School: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons from America”

John Giduck MBA, JD, former Army Ranger and Yuri Ferdigalov, former Russian Special Forces veteran were called to Beslan, as consultants, days after the terrorists occupied the school and before the counter assault began. They have a compelling story for American schools and safety forces.


These speakers are provided by the speakers themselves. Never mind that there are serious questions about if John Giduck was actually in Beslan right after the school siege as he claims, how could John Giduck be an elite Army Ranger when he could only survive for 58 days in US Army basic combat training?

This adds to the growing amount of evidence that John Giduck was misrepresenting himself as someone with US military experience at some point in time after his Beslan book was published. There is too much coincidence in the claims.

This charade also had to have been with the full knowledge and consent of John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson. Hopefully, SGM Anderson didn’t spend his 30 pieces of silver all in one place.


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