Out of fairness to John Giduck, I have found one statement in a podcast where John Giduck clearly states that he was not US Special Forces. John Giduck goes on to state that he served 18 years in a Russian uniform.  Sigh.


That statement is here at 3:02 in this podcast

One of the things that I want to clear up for your listeners is that, unlike Andy or SGM Anderson, I never served in US Army Special Forces. The vast majority of time I ever spent in a military uniform in my life, I spent in Russia in Russian uniforms with Russian Special Forces and I did ultimately end up spending about 18 years there…good periods of time every single year up to 6 month a year going to school there, living there, doing a lot of training with their units.

Couple of points to make:

– this is being made public to acknowledge that at least one occasion, John Giduck did indeed make clear that he was not US Special Forces. This isn’t a vendetta…it’s a search for documented truth. This is so far part of perhaps 2 or 3 DOCUMENTED statements that support any of John Giduck’s non-academic credentials or lack thereof.*

– Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  This single statement or perhaps the one or two others that *may* exist where John Giduck admits to not being SF does nothing to erase the multiple uncorrected claims that have been previously posted in this blog.  There are others uncorrected claims as well that have not been posted here yet.

– John Giduck neither mentions having spent only 58 days in the US Army nor not having completed US Army basic combat training.

– In typical John Giduck style, John Giduck follows up his statement about not being SF with another utterly ridiculous and misleadingly untrue statement about spending time with Russian special forces in russian uniforms.

a) The time that John Giduck spent with Russian Special Forces was informal and in the context of commercial one week summer adventure training camps provided by a John Giduck owned company. Photos posted on John Giduck personal website are actually taken from Russian special forces adventure camp.

b) The provided uniforms were part of the one week Russian adventure training according to the adventure camp description

Each group member will receive a complete Spetsnaz uniform required for all persons on the base. This will make a great souvenir of this incredible adventure

http://web.archive.org/web/20010408014205/http://systemamartialart.com/events/events.html (takes a few seconds to load)

c) John Giduck had occasional visits to Russia over an 18 year period with the possible exception of a self paced and voluntary study abroad program at Saint Petersburg State University.  That study abroad program was not connected with the formal University programs. Most of John Giduck’s visits over the 18 year period were connected to the commercial Russian Special Forces adventure camp or informal martial arts training.  John Giduck’s statement about “spending 18 years there” is akin to vacationing in Mexico for a few weeks each year and tellling people that you live in Mexico. It’s intellectually dishonest at best.

In short, John Giduck admits something about not being SF once…but doesn’t correct any of the other statements.  sad…sad..sad.

* the world is still waiting for documentation of John Giduck’s claimed credentials in counter terrorism, hostage rescue, and an explanation of what being “certified in Vityaz Anti terror training and operations” really means and entails. There is a laundry list of more qualifications claimed by John Giduck that will discussed in a future post.  Until then, ask John Giduck about the above ones…it’s all about the search for truth, isn’t it?  Here’s John Giduck’s chance to contribute to that truth….

Note that as of this blog post at approx 5:30am Pacific on 5 March 2012, the statement about not being SF has not been posted on any of John Giduck’s blogs.I am posting it first and proactively to show good faith in the search for truth.


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