Many police, military, and school organizations want training.  As shown below, John Giduck has demonstrated a propensity and willingness to put information at risk…even when that information involves current or potential clients.  The fundamental question is whether your or your organization’s information is safe with someone as demonstrably indiscreet as John Giduck…particularly when so many other more qualified trainers are available that are far more discreet with information.

Let’s look at some examples

John Giduck consistently posted personal identifying information (PII) on the internet

– John Giduck has intentionally posted PII of a serving active duty Special Forces senior NCO who has been awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.  Here is the justification as to why this posting was done:

– John Giduck published PII for a military chaplain

the justification?  here is what was published as the explanation

Yes, we know the home address of MSG [Name Omitted By Me] and who all of his family members are. Additionally we also photos of Pastor [Name Omitted By Me] and all of his family members. But unlike we will not post that information here.

If MSG  [Name Omitted By Me] was so concerned about operational and personal security, the last thing he should have done, if he was the professional he claims to be, was spend inordinate amounts of time publishing on the internet for everyone in the world to see, substantial information about himself.

socnetlies post dated 2 Feb 2012

Open source information justifies connecting that information as being from a serving active duty Special Forces Master Sergeant?  Huh?

What will John Giduck do with the PII of people in YOUR organization?

John Giduck is willing to discuss your sensitive unit or facility on the internet

John Giduck has indeed been invited to sensitive facilities at least once as an escorted guest. John Giduck has no security clearance or requirement to handle sensitive information in a responsible manner.  For instance, you’ll find no shortage of reference to sensitive units and facilities in John Giduck’s bios…even though this had to consist of an unclassified escorted visit as John Giduck has no security clearance.

These types of things shouldn’t be discussed on the internet. What will John Giduck say about your unit, capabilities, or facility on the internet?

John Giduck may pose a significant security risk as he has ongoing personal relationships with senior Russian intelligence officials

John Giduck brags about his long term personal relationships with senior Russian intelligence officials. John’s friends have published descriptions of John Giduck’s initial contacts Russian intelligence officials during the late Gorbachev era in a manner that could be consistent with recruitment

[John Giduck] explained that years before he had known the former director of the KGB for the St. Petersburg region while working on his master’s degree at the university there. You see, the wife of that man — KGB Lt. Gen. and Director Anatoli Kurkov — was one of the professors in charge of the foreign students.Through her, John met Gen. Kurkov. This is something that John typically does not talk about in public or during trainings, unless specifically asked.

If John Giduck has been recruited or simply provides access to information abour seminar attendees, then it’s likely that YOUR information will be included.

In summary, there are plenty of options for high quality training out there. I’m unaware of others that are as willing to be as indiscreet with information as john Giduck.


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