John Giduck likes Chester, PA.  I mean John Giduck REALLY likes Chester, PA. That’s because John Giduck has several lap dogs friends in Chester, Pennsylvania that pretty much give him the run of the place. These would be public officials Joseph “Joe” Bail and Ernie Mancheria….both are serving police officers and at least at some point, consultants to the John Giduck run organization known as Archangel.

For context, let’s look at the state of funding (or lack thereof) this month for the City of Chester through the eyes of a local Chester blogger…

Will Chester schools close?

…despite having $33 million currently available, in previously budgeted, Chester schools-designated PDE funds, Commonwealth officials may opt, instead, to allow those schools to remain open, but with inadequate educational resources.

Even worse, they may also decide to close the City’s schools, entirely.

This would clearly be an unmitigated disaster for the city of Chester, for Delaware County and for southeast Pennsylvania.

Sounds pretty dire…

We have already highlighted John Giduck’s claims on the About of his johngiduck blog that John Giduck claims to have been named consultant to the Chester Police to work on an “international intelligence unit”. No one is arguing that a public figure like the Police Commish likely needs some intelligence… That said, this relationship can at best be termed “odd” and perhaps even potentially illegal given the ongoing financial relationships between Joe Bail and John Giduck.

Here is are the relevant facts:

– Chester is going broke

– Chester is in the same area of Pennsylvania as the City of Philadelphia and surely could get emails or faxes of any “international intelligence” that they might need perhaps even for free

– Joe Bail is presumably the overseer and approval authority for contracts involving the police force that he runs.

– Joe Bail is co-author of a book with John Giduck for which royalties are surely involved as well as a current or former Archangel consultant.

– John Giduck is claiming on his own blog that he has been the recipient of a contract with the Chester Police as part of an international intelligence unit

– John Giduck has no verifiable intelligence training/credentials/operational experience and, more importantly, no US Government security clearance to access any information generated or received.

So, there are only options here

Option #1 – John Giduck has or has had such a contract.

Any such contract should be reviewed by independent authorities outside of Chester, PA to determine if any such contracting arrangements are legal given Police Commissioner Joe Bail’s likely on-going financial ties to John Giduck as well as John Giduck’s qualifications to fill such a position.

Option #2 – John Giduck is lying misrepresenting himself about having been awarded such a contract

Oddly, this potentially relevant nugget of information recently appeared in the comments section of the same City of Chester blog…

Anonymous Mar 7, 2012 09:26 AM

It is my understanding from persons at City Hall that there are no police officers on a international terrorism team. There is no Federal funding and that this man John Giduck is not on the City payroll.

Much like John Giduck’s improbable Beslan school massacre timeline, John Giduck seems to have painted himself into a corner with his own statements.  Here is what John Giduck says on his blog

In January 2012 he was hired to assist in creating the international intelligence section of the Narcotics & Intelligence Unit of the City of Chester (PA) Police Department and also serves as a training coordinator.

Either John Giduck is or he isn’t part of the Chester Police as a consultant and trainer.  If he isn’t, well, you decide.

My only question would be if there is such a unit created and John Giduck is a part of it, how soon will Russian intelligence have the information generated in their hands given John Giduck lack of a clearance and personal friendships with senior Russian intelligence officials?


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It is my understanding from persons at City Hall that there are no police officers on a international terrorism team. There is no Federal funding and that this man John Giduck is not on the City payroll.