John Giduck is an interesting person in that he holds no US government clearance but seems to surround himself with people that have among the highest security clearances.  Sheesh, John Giduck may be in a relationship with someone with a security clearance for all I know. By itself, that means nothing but John Giduck and his circle of friends also boast of introducing these same people holding clearances to other John Giduck friends that just happen to be high level Russian intelligence officers.

Are you starting to see the problem here?

One of those people is public figure and retired US Army Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson who can’t quite decide what his name is co-authored a book with John Giduck. Here is John Anderson’s own bio of his background after he retired from Special Forces:

Upon leaving the military [John “Andy” Anderson] spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.

Not I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I do know that to work with nuclear material has its own very special security clearance.  In fact, it is such a special security clearance that it doesn’t even have a regular name like “SECRET” OR “TOP SECRET”. It also is among the most difficult US Government clearances to obtain (for obvious reasons).

So, now let’s fast forward to John Giduck who happens to be BFFs with top Russian intelligence officials to the point of routinely hosting them in his home. Here is what Joseph “At least my nickname matches my name” “Joe” Bail says about SGM John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson….

SGM Anderson was given permission to go on some of his trips [to Russia]

Anderson also confirms that all of the trainings he attended were conducted on a brand new compound of Vityaz on the Balashikha Army Base outside of Moscow.

The article by Joe Bail goes on to show a photo of John Giduck with a senior Russian KGB official official taken at SGM Anderson’s house with this caption:

Giduck flanked by KGB Director Kurkov and his wife Nina, at [John “Andy”] Anderson’s house.

What?!? Trips to what John Giduck describes as “secret Russian military bases outside Moscow” in the early 2000s? Whose permission for such trips (the Russian FSB/KGB)? Photos on the johngiduck website with Russian officals in 2007? Russian special forces servng as consultants on his own Archangel staff?  KGB officials in the house of a guy with among the highest known clearances?

In a word, “Huh?”

If you don’t know who Kurkov is, he was a serious player in the Russian intel world. John Giduck consistently maintains in writings and podcasts that Kurkov was Putin’s boss at one time. Kurkov also happened to be one of the last Soviet era generals.

So, let me get the facts straight here…we have SGM Anderson with an amazingly stringent US Government clearance for access to fissionable materials introduced to high level Russian/Soviet intelligence officials (that included Putin’s old boss) by John Giduck. SGM Anderson sustained such relationships over time and even hosted such officials at his own house where photos were taken and bragged about by Joe Bail.

It’s not clear if these contacts occurred while SGM Anderson still had an active nuke clearance. One can only hope not because if they did occur while SGM Anderson had an actibe clearance and these contacts were not properly reported…that would be rather “problematic” at best. Oddly, neither SGM Anderson nor John Giduck are very specific about their timelines surrounding their friendship…so we can only speculate based on the facts at hand. These facts are as follows:

1) SGM Anderson spent 25 years in Special Forces and 10 years in the Department of Energy for a total of 35 years of service.

2) A timeline that includes 35 years of government service means that SGM Anderson likely held a high level clearance into the early 2000s.

3) SGM Anderson’s relationship with John Giduck began sometime before 2003. We know this because John Anderson was a founding member of Archangel which which was funded by seed capital from money provided via taxpayers of the state of Colorado through the John Giduck owned Community Resource Center half way house in 2003. Archangel  was a going concern in 2003 because John Giduck’s Russian adventure camp trips to Russia in August of 2003 were being sponsored under the Archangel name. It is unlikely that John Giduck funded a company with a guy that he barely knew – there likely had to be an existing friendship.

4) Such relationships between someone with a Department of Energy nuclear clearance and Russian intelligence officials would be viewed by most people as being suspicious at best.

SGM Anderson accompanied John Giduck to a particularly sensitive US Government facility in 2008. Both men brag about having gone to this facility in various promotional materials and podcasts done together. There statements remind me of the following quote:

“If you have to say you is, you ain’t”

– Satchel Paige

In fact, SGM Anderson says that he was never able to go to that particular facility during his time in Special Forces but was able to with John Giduck. Given that John Giduck only served in the US military for 58 days, one has to wonder if SGM Anderson’s prior nuclear clearance played a role in getting their brief visit approved in the first place. While John Giduck has no clearance and therefore may only have limited accountability for his statements, SGM Anderson having previously held a high level clearance clearly knows better than to “talk out of school” or allow others to. By doing so, SGM Anderson violated the spirit if not the letter of the rules around divulging certain information in my opinion. Of course, money generated by Archangel or other sources can be a powerful motivator to compromise integrity…just ask the Russians.

Note that there may be other people in John Giduck’s circle of friends that also may have hosted Russian intelligence officials in their homes or had other contact while demonstrably holding active US Government security clearances as well.One has to wonder if these contacts were properly reported as well.

If the intent is to seek out truth with regards to John Giduck, a reasonable person might believe that the truth includes shedding light on such contacts.


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