John Giduck has finally acknowledged an involvement with convicted cop killer Donna Yaklich on his “SOCNET turns me into a victim” site.  That’s a good start but, as lawyers do, John Giduck omits and seemingly mischaracterizes several material facts about his own involvement and the facts about the case.

Whenever I write about Donna Yaklich’s murder of her police officer husband, I feel like Dennis himself is communicating with this world as to the facts about John Giduck. John Giduck is attempting to portray his role as simply a helper of an misunderstood abused woman much like himself. That portrayal of his own role and Donna Yaklich’s simply doesn’t withstand scrutiny.

John Giduck and Donna Yaklich were more than just lawyer and client.  John Giduck’s post indicates that he was simply trying to help her

So what exactly is John Giduck guilty of? Supporting a woman first brutalized by her husband and then by the system that was supposed to protect her. Trying to help someone when no one else would?

John Giduck may not have known Donna Yaklich when she committed the crime but he approached her at her husband’s funeral.

00:25:33 Donna yaklich is in jamaica on vacation.
00:25:37 With her new boyfriend,a denver attorney by the name of john giduck.
00:25:42 He was at dennis’s funeraland gave donna his card and said, “now, if you need anythingat all, be sure ” donna had called hima few days after the funeral, when pueblo police asked her to take a routine polygraph testto verify her statement.
00:25:58 Donna yaklich shows up with this john giduck as her attorney.!&p=2985113&viewfull=1#post2985113

So John Giduck and Donna Yaklich became intimate sometime after John Giduck approached Yaklich about being her lawyer and any other “help” she needed.

00:26:09 According tothe yaklich children, donna’s new attorney providedmore than legal advice.
00:26:14 Just two weeks afterher husband’s murder, donna had found herselfanother muscle man.
00:26:21 He also was a weightlifter.
00:26:22 Very flamboyant, big guy, not unlike dennis himself.
00:26:28 There were occasions in which she would tell me and little dennis to leave.
00:26:33 We would have to go play, or we’d have to go to a different room because she wanted to be alone with john.
00:26:40 ‘s office contactedjohn giduck in jamaica and told him they had issueda warrant for donna’s arrest.

00:30:07 By then, she’d dumped john giduck and found new attorneys: Richard hostetlerand stanley marks.
00:30:15 ( Stanley ) I WAS NOT THE ORIGINAL COUNSEL.
00:30:17 It was somewhat determinedthat one of the attorneys had a potential conflictof interest because of having somerelationship with donna

I guess letting a client ride cowgirl on his cajones is apparently how John Giduck defines “help” these days…hopefully, he isn’t “helping” Joe Bail or SGM Anderson the same way.

In my opinion, such actions as sleeping with a client speak to John Giduck lack of professional integrity.

John Giduck’s legal “help” was paid using a murdered police officer’s death benefit as was John Giduck’s trip to Jamaica with Donna Yaklich. 

Dennis Yaklich was murdered the night of Dec. 12, 1985, outside his home in Avondale, near Pueblo, with a shotgun. Donna Yaklich was inside the home at the time. Following his death, she cashed in a $250,000 insurance policy on his life.

[Donna Yaklich] received $360,000 in cash and benefits from his life insurance, with which she went on giddy spending sprees (in Jamaica and elsewhere).  She was later able to use this money to post bond and to pay her attorney fees as well.

So, evidence demonstrates that John Giduck benefited from a murdered police officer’s death benefit both in attorney fees and a trip to Jamaica.

Apparently, only John Giduck and Donna Yaklich seem to believe that murdered police officer, Dennis Yaklich, was taking steriods. As demonstrated in other blog posts on this site, John Giduck’s account of history doesn’t quite jive with official sources.

[N]o trace of steroids were found in Dennis’s body upon autopsy.  Such metabolites are highly fat-soluble and remain in the body at detectable levels for 2 to 3 months after even a single dose.  The trackmarks which the movie shows were a Hollywood invention, pure and simple.  There were no track marks found at autopsy.  Indeed, an extensive police investigation failed to uncover any evidence that Dennis ever took steroids in his entire life. Pueblo Colorado Homicide Detective Dan Snell, lead investigator in the case, told the press, “We checked out every lead.  We are obligated to do that.  No one but her defense brought that up and we talked to virtually everybody.” And of course, if Dennis HAD been abusing steroids in the weeks leading up to his death, as Donna alleged, his corpse would have tested postive for steroids.  It didn’t.  Donna lied.  As we shall see, this was not her first lie, nor her last.

So, john, if you have forensics evidence for your easily provable claims, please post it.  We’ll wait….

John Giduck is arguing that Donna Yaklich’s actions were justified when Donna Yaklich herself admits what she did was wrong. John Giduck seems to be arguing that it ok to concoct and execute a plan to hire others to kill someone rather than just leave the situation. Here is how John Giduck describes the situation on the “SOCNET makes me cry” blog  (remember that John Giduck served as Donna Yaklich’s defense attorney)

Rather than do the right thing and acknowledge they had let a situation get completely out of control and take action against the husband, the police and DA instead tried to get the death penalty against a woman who had been repeatedly brutalized.

As Donna Yaklich’s lawyer, John Giduck also knows (but omitted from his blog post) that members of the Yaklich family that lived in the same house as well as close friends strongly dispute that any abuse took place in the Yaklich household

Vanessa added that as someone who had lived under the same roof with Donna and Dennis for the entire 8 years of their marriage, she can testify that all Donna’s stories about beatings from Dennis were “an outright lie.” Tom Greenwell, a longtime friend of the Yaklich family agrees, “I was around the Yakliches every day.  I helped them.  They helped me. We fished and hunted together.  And every word that woman said about them was nothing but a bald-faced lie.  You would think somebody would see through that story and read between the lines.”

Anyone involved with John Giduck should take note of his opinions of what he considers justifiable homicide…just sayin’

Donna Yaklich disagrees with John Giduck these days. Does Donna Yaklich share John Giduck view that it was somehow ok to kill Dennis Yaklich?  I’ll let Donna Yaklich’s own words speak for her as she directly contradict’s John Giduck.

Donna Yaklich said, “I wish there was something I could do to make it better. What I did was wrong.”

Two other interesting items to think about to close this post

– John Giduck seems to be more interested in protecting his business making money from cops and police departments than providing any material facts about his role with Donna Yaklich

– Donna Yaklich is apparently working in a denver area non-profit.  John Giduck has had a number of Colorado based non-profits.  Is there any continued connection there?


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