John Giduck’s most telling boasts and lies fabrications are in his speaker bios.  These bios have changed significantly over the years…and not from overstatement to modest.  They’ve gotten more..well..less verifiable over time.

While reviewing some of John Giduck’s bio, it became clear that over time, John Giduck’s bios reached a point of almost being ridiculous.  Let’s compare a 2004 bio with a 2007 bio

2004 John Giduck Bio

John Giduck is President of Archangel, Inc., in Golden, Colorado, a non-profit NGO providing foreign threat assessment and anti-terror training and services to law enforcement, government, military and humanitarian aid groups serving in hot zones throughout the world. John is a second generation Russian-American who has traveled, worked and studied extensively in Russia and the former Soviet Union for the past 15 years. John has been general counsel to a U.S.-Russian Trading Company, a panel expert on Russia and Russian Organized Crime at several World Affairs Conferences, and an expert at the Joint FBI-John Jay College 4th Biennial International Conference on Crime, Justice and Public Order in Budapest, Hungary.
John Giduck, with an ex Russian special forces veteran, recently visited Beslan, Russia, to see and learn first hand the details of the Chechnya rebel’s takeover of a school. John, through his extensive connections in Russia and knowledge of the area, was able to tour the entire school, see the recovery, interview local citizens as well as members of the local police and members of the reaction teams such as Alpha and Vympel. He also interviewed the Commander of the Russian VITYAZ commando assault team. From this, John has prepared a detailed accounting of what happened, who did and did not work together, assault and contingency assault plans, complete with diagrams, photos and video. More importantly, he also knows what the terrorists did inside the school and how they set their assault up. He has created an analysis and tactical evaluation of what worked and what did not work by the military and government response units.

This John Giduck bio is interesting in a couple of ways.  There is absolutely no mention of John Giduck having spent time with Russian Special Forces even though, per John Giduck’s 2008 claims about having spent 18 years in Russian uniforms, he would have had around 13 years experience by 2004.  there also are no “I am John Giduck, Ninja” type claims.

2007 John Giduck Bio

An except of John Giduck’s 2007 bio contains the following excerpt:

Giduck has special training in many Homeland Security-related tactics, including hostage rescue, kidnapping negotiations, small unit tactics, surveillance, improvised explosives, interrogation and interrogation resistance, evasive driving, undercover protection techniques, and threat analysis. He regularly teaches in a wide variety of areas, including small unit tactics, CQB and hand-to-hand combat, improvised weapons, tactical underwater operations, emergency first responder tactics, cultural awareness and personal security for foreign operations, terrorism concerns in executive protection, first responder safety and tactics, kidnapping and ransom negotiations, special anti-terrorism survival training, mail and package delivery safety, surveillance/counter-surveillance, anti-terrorism and flight operations, global organized crime and terrorism, U.S. law and constitution in the war on terrorism, criminal law and procedure in anti-terrorist actions, U.S. immigration law in the war on terrorism, organized crime and global terrorism, and fundamentals of militant Islam and terrorism.

When did John Giduck have time to pursue all of the above? Tactical underwater operations?  Was John Giduck ever a Navy SEAL or a graduate of the Combat Diver course? Of course not.  John Giduck spent 58 days on active duty in the US military.  Does attendance at  a one week military adventure camp count for experience in any of the above topics even with the coveted “certified in Vityaz anti-terror training and operations” certificate that no longer even appears in John Giduck’s bios?

The 2004 bio is likely a far more accurate representation of John Giduck than the 2007 version.

John Giduck showed up after the Beslan school siege with someone that was Russian Special forces

– John Giduck traveled, attended conferences,  and studied in Russia as well as has friends there.  John Giduck also attended several one week military style adventure camps that even included Russian uniforms.

– John Giduck interviewed people for a book

I’m ok with the 2004 version of the John Giduck bio…because it is the true one.


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