Richard “Dick” Caster is a School Resource Officer out of Ohio and friend of John Giduck. Like John Giduck, he has a doctorate and no operational tactical experience but feels authoritative enough to apparently train tactical people in tactical topics.

In my opinion, Dick Caster also seems to be an unconditional member of what I call the “Cult of John Giduck”.   Let’s look at some of Dr. Caster’s book reviews in support of John Giduck’s work…

This is a textbook on the history and future of terrorist threats we will see worldwide, including in the United States.  Read it with a highlighter in hand.  You will not gain everything from it with only one reading.  Read it, highlight it and then go back and read it again!
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Dick Caster
                        Former Executive Director of the National Association of School Resource Officers
– taken from the Archangel website
and this…
Dick Caster responded:
This book is based upon countless hours of research gleaned from the men and women who so valiantly responded to this massacre. This book is a tribute to them. Read it and get as close to this tragedy as humanly possible
– taken from the John Giduck website
We’ve already demonstrated that many of John Giduck’s Amazon book reviews are from people that have relationships or know John Giduck.  By itself, this is not bad when acknowledged so that a reader can take the relationship into account when considering the objectivity of a given review.
As for objectivity, Dick Caster claims no financial interest with John Giduck when questioned.  On 26 January 2012, Dr. Caster posted this in response to the accusation that he has a financial interest in promoting John Giduck…
 “Richard Caster has a financial interest in promoting John Giduck.” Response: I have never received any compensation from him nor Archangel Group. If I can ever be of service to Archangel Group in the area of school safety and security, I would be proud to do so.
What Dr. Caster omits is that he was already in the service of John Giduck owned Archangel Group at the time of this comment. Rather than be snarky, I’ll simply post that here is how defines a conflict of interest:
Simply put, a conflict of interest occurs when your obligations to a party or the greater public could be influenced or compromised by self-interest, a prior commitment, competing loyalties or an inability to be objective.
 Definition of Conflict of Interest |
Does Dick Caster have a “prior commitment” that a reasonable observer might think is, in this case, an undeclared conflict of interest?  I believe so.
On 18 Jan 2012, prior to Dick Caster saying that he had no interest in john Giduck, the Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy posted the following in a blog post:
Dick Caster, MOFTA senior instructor and partner, was named “consultant and instructor” for Archangel Group, Ltd. by Archangel President John Giduck.
The above shows that a formal financial mechanism for remuneration existed between  Richard “Dick” Caster and John Giduck existed at the time of Dr. Caster’s posting. If you have a business relationship you have a financial interest despite Dick Caster’s kabuki dance of protestation to the contrary.
Maybe Dr. Caster’s logic flies among the battle hardened school resource officer community but it doesn’t pass the common sense test.
I think that any reasonable person would agree that this meets the “appearance of a conflict of interest” bar at the very least but is in my opinion is a clear undisclosed conflict of interest within the context of Dr. caster’s statement. Whether Dr. Caster had received his first check or not from Archangel Group is irrelevant in my view.
Like others in John Giduck’s close circle, Dick Caster apparently chose to not disclose such a relationship (even when confronted).  The true reasons may only be known to Dr Caster but I believe it was too create the impression to readers that Dr. Caster is somehow objective in his opinion.   This seems to be fairly common among the Cult of John Giduck.
My opinion is that Dr Caster’s statement appears to be intellectual dishonesty at best. What do you think?
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