Ahh, poor John Giduck.  He is such a misunderstood mastermind. I mean here is a Russian agent guy that teaches topics like tactical medicine and extraction without any background in..well…tactical medicine and extraction. John Giduck especially likes to teach seminars on the BattleSling®. Let’s find out why…

The BattleSling® is a …well let’s let the website explain what it is…

The BattleSling® was initially designed to provide U.S. law enforcement and military operators with the capability to cross open ground under heavy fire, while keeping hands free for weapons. In this fashion, resupply can be brought into buildings during assaults or hostage-rescue, and the wounded evacuated. In addition to the unprecedented tactical capability the BattleSling® provides, the large, looping weight-bearing straps allow those wounded in military combat operations to be moved for long distances supported by the large muscles of the backs and legs of the carriers, rather than the fatiguing effect to hands, forearms and shoulders caused by conventional hand-carried stretchers and litters.

Whether for Military, Police, Fire, Search & Rescue or EMS, the BattleSling® a unique, life saving addition to any standard issue equipment.

John Giduck teaches seminars about the BattleSling®…lots of them.  Here is one by John Giduck at the 2009 Special Operations Association reunion. John Giduck likee the Special Operations Association

0900-1000 “Battle Sling” Demonstration-Esplanade Room – John Giduck


and here

John Giduck     

– TacFire / BattleSling demo


The BattleSling® has even been advertised on the Archangel site…if it’s offered with the “if not me, who” mini mag light, it has be good. Right?  RIGHT?!?

Let’s look at the details of the BattleSling®. It is produced by the Starka company

BattleSling® is a Registered Trademark of Starka Inc., BattleSling® was developed and is distributed by Starka Inc., U.S. Patent Numbers D589,848S, D608,253S, Other Patents Pending. Starka Inc. is a privately held U.S. Corporation.

Now, let’s look to see who owns Starka

John Giduck

Starka Inc
Bailey, CO


So, John Giduck owns and is the Principal for Starka, Inc.  (the company that sells the BattleSling®).  But I’m sure that John Giduck has to pay someone for the rights to distribute the product, right?  Nope! John Giduck also holds the patent!


The trademark is owned by John Giduck’s Archangel Group

On Friday, August 10, 2007, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for BATTLE SLING by ARCHANGEL GROUP, LTD., GOLDEN , 804031217 . The USPTO has given the BATTLE SLING trademark serial number of 77252931. The current federal status of this trademark filing is REGISTERED.


I wonder how many seminar attendees realize that the product being pimped is actually wholly owned by the presenter, John Giduck, or that John Giduck has no military or law enforcement tactical medicine experience.

John Giduck certainly knows how to pimp his own junk. Of course, the seminar description never seem to indicate that john Giduck has a financial interest in the flexible stretcher.

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