John Giduck really must be a misunderstood world dominator.  All he is missing is a “mini-me” sidekick. What makes being John Giduck even worse is that, apparently, everyone who has ever hosted a John Giduck seminar has copied his bio exactly as presented gotten his bio wrong.

The latest lie fib claim involves terrorist hostage negotiations.  In my mind, the photo above is how I picture John Giduck negotiating a terrorist hostage situation right after saying, “see, I told you in my book that all of the kids would die when these happened!”..high hat!  “tip your waitstaff, folks, I’ll be here all week!”

Before we examine John Giduck’s  improbable claim of having years of “terrorist hostage negotiation” experience, we have to put the “John Giduck as long standing terrorist hostage negotiator” claim into context.

– John Giduck has no sworn law enforcement credentials or US military training beyond dropping out of US Army basic training after 58 days.

– John Giduck has never been on the scene of a terrorist incident while it has occurredJohn Giduck was at Beslan long after the school siege was over and at Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Mumbai days, weeks, or years after they occurred.

– John Giduck has apparently never worked as a hostage negotiator or formally negotiated an actual incident involving law enforcement or counter-terrorist forces. He mentions no such experience or credentials in any bio dating back to 2004. Given his ego, he would.

– John Giduck spent his time in Russia either at conferences, studying, or attending one week commercial military adventure camps or martial arts training.

– John Giduck was a lawyer in Colorado involved in documented court cases during most of the time he claims to have been in Russia


How the heck can John Giduck claim years of terrorist hostage negotiations experience as the basis for teaching the following seminar?

Terrorist-Hostage Negotiations

This necessary course provides in-depth training on the dramatic differences between U.S. law enforcement’s traditional hostage and critical incident negotiations approach, and terrorist-hostage situations. The training is based on years of experience in that realm from Russia, the Middle East, and the U. S. This course is divided into lecture and practical instruction, and is unsurpassed in scope and focus.

Exactly, what demonstrable years of experience can John Giduck show to back up this claim?  The answer:  he can’t.  Yet, John Giduck feels strongly enough about the topic to train people that actually might be doing such things.

Who knows what an untrained, unqualified, and unproven terrorist hostage negotiator like John Giduck might propose in such a seminar.

Here is what Richard Fairburn and (John Giduck pal) Dave Grossman say on their website, Killology, about how John Giduck thinks that we should approach such situations:

One of the lessons of the 2004 Russain [sic] school massacre, as outlined in John Giduck’s excellent book, “Terror at Beslan” is that we must attack immediately, with maximum violence, and no intention of pulling back or giving up ground. Attack the enemy hard and fast and DESTROY them before they destroy more innocents.

We know John Giduck’s thinking on the topic of “negotiation”.  Ask yourself:  Is an unproven and unqualified trainer the person that YOU want training others to negotiate for YOUR children’s lives in a hostage situation?

Didn’t think so.


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