Here we go again.  John Giduck once again has(n’t) been telling people that he was Special Forces. What’s different about this one?  Well, the author of the comment makes a big deal about having directly conversed with John Giduck during the event itself.

First of all as context, John Giduck blames all misunderstanding about his background on other people. He refutes claims because (according to him)  he ALWAYS clearly states in his seminars that he is NOT Special Forces and that he NEVER would say such a thing.  Oddly, there is a virtual cornucopia of people that leave his seminars, trainings, and meetings believing that John Giduck is Special Forces qualified.

Here is the latest quote:

At a seminar that I attended in which LtCol Grossman and John Giduck (former SF guy, has many insides in Russia, was at, and wrote a book that I can highly recommend on, the Beslan School atrocity) I had a chance to converse with John.

So this guy walked away from a conversation with John Giduck in 2009 believing three things (only one of which is correct)

1) John Giduck is a former “SF guy”  (Author note: John Giduck left the US Army after 58 days)

2) John Giduck has many “insides” in Russia (author note: some of these John Giduck “insides” happen to be high level FSB/KGB Russian intelligence officials)

3) John Giduck was “at” the Beslan school atrocity. (author note: There is evidence that John Giduck was not in Beslan anytime close to the Beslan school siege. John Giduck yesterday now says that on Sept 4 he was “in Russia” heading straight to Beslan….which, even if true,  on the morning of 4 Sept had been cordoned off by authorities and also contradicts previous John Giduck statements that he was *in* Beslan on the morning of 4 September 2004 )

Wouldn’t a reasonable person believe that if John Giduck had clearly stated that he wasn’t Special Forces to the group and there was an opportunity to talk directly to John Giduck, that people would not have walked away from the seminar believing the two of the three points above?

Of course, John Giduck will maintain that all dozen or so of these organizations and people are coincidences where the people involved were just misled misinformed.  That said, John Giduck only plays the victim card about addresses such issues through his mouthpiece website, “SOCNET Boo Hoo” and doesn’t come forward himself to discuss or resolve the issues.

What’s also strange is that John Giduck only seems to be “misunderstood” at events where there aren’t a lot of real deal Special operations folks running around.  John Giduck must have that whole “Special Forces Black Swan” thing going on.  I have a visual image of a big fat swan in a Spetnaz beret trying to dance like Natalie Portman….uggg.

But I digress….

I think that a reasonable person would believe that, despite the verbiage to the contrary, these people and organizations are getting the idea that John Giduck is Special Forces from the same source. My opinion is that evidence is mounting to reasonably assume that the source is John Giduck himself.


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