Connecting the dots between John Giduck, taxpayer funds, and use of those same public funds in the Sudan was not easy.  Unlike most posts on this site, this is a non-snarky, very serious post  because it appears that John Giduck may have at best misused public funds and, at worse, potentially committed acts in violation of Colorado state laws or US Federal laws.

If Mr. Giduck’s statements and IRS filings are true, the links can be proven between Colorado taxpayer grants and payment made to a John Giduck’s non-profit halfway house in 2002 that were subsequently funneled to armed groups in the Sudan in 2003.

To be clear, I don’t know if a crime was committed by John Giduck while funneling money to the Sudan from his Colorado halfway house but I do know that the whole thing involves taxpayer money and just “smells” bad.  Bad enough that authorities should be looking into the connections and evidence. I’ll leave it to others to decide if John Giduck’s activites constitute a state or federal crime.

Let’s put this post about John Giduck in context:

On his blog,, John Giduck has photos of a trip to Sudan in 2003 and the following description:

One of the few groups trying to help these women and villages was Christian Solidarity International. A team from Archangel Group made two trips into rebel controlled southern Sudan in early 2003 to assist in the redemption of slaves, and also to fund and host a peace conference between the two groups

Note that John Giduck clearly states that the Archangel Group made the trips and the donations in 2003.

Let’s follow the money that led to Archangel’s funding of a peace conference in the Sudan.

From our last post, we established the following about the John Giduck’s connections to the Colorado based nonprofit halfway house operating under the name “Community Responsibility Center”

– John Giduck owned the non-profit Community Responsibility Cemter and signed their IRS Form 990s in 2002 and 2003.

– The CRC’s IRS Form 990 shows that the Community Responsibility Center was funded by Colorado state taxpayer money and accrued interest from previous payments of Colorado public funds in 2002. The public funds paid to CRC were in excess of $1.5M in 2002.

– For some reason, the state of Colorado stopped paying the Community Resource Center in 2003 although the Center continued to operate for at least a few months as shown in the CRC 2003 IRS Form 990.

From a previous post about John Giduck’s connections to rebel groups in the Sudan, we also established the following:

– The Archangel Group was founded in 2003 as a non-profit with $20,000

– The seed money for Archangel Group came from a $20,000 donation from the John Giduck owned Community Responsibility Center (shown on CRC’s 2003 IRS Form 990) to establish an anti terrorism non-profit with the name Foreign Threat Assessment Center but doing business under the name of  “Archangel Group” in 2003.

– In 2003, the Community Resource Center also made a $15,000 donation to another non-profit Christian Solidarity International who is a known provider of material support to armed groups in the Sudan (also shown on CRC’s 2003 IRS Form 990)

– Funding anything other than humanitarian supplies was a direct violation of United States sanctions against the Sudan in 2003.

So let’s connect the financial dots here to demonstrate that taxpayer dollars went from Colorado to support inmates housed in John Giduck’s Colorado halfway house to Archangel Group to armed groups in the Sudan.

Archangel Group was clearly established as a non profit with taxpayer money as specifically outlined in the 2003 CRC Form 990. It later became a for-profit entity. Colorado tax payers therefore paid to create a for profit company without receiving any of the subsequent for-profit revenues.

John Giduck led some people to believe that Archangel Group used other revenues to fund activities in the Sudan.

Archangel is a 501(c) (3) organization meaning it is tax-exempt and donations are tax-deductible. Archangel and Giduck’s not tax-exempt concerns co-sponser events.

But, John Giduck doesn’t say that other “concerns” funded the peace conference in the Sudan.  John Giduck specifically states that Archangel funded the peace conference.

Let’s account for the possibility that Archangel used funds other than the $20,000 seed capital from Community Responsibility Center for the funding of the peace conference in the Sudan.  Well, this is where the problem occurs.

The Foreign Threat Assessment Center doing business as Archangel claimed exactly $20,000 in revenues in 2003. This is the same amount as the taxpayer funded Community Responsibility Center donation to seed and found the organization doing business as Archangel Group.

Archangel Group received no other funds in 2003.

Therefore, using John Giduck’s own statements and IRS filings, the Sudan peace conference was either funded through the $15,000 donation to Christian Solidarity International or the $20,000 to fund the non-profit doing business as Archangel using public funds intended for the use of inmates housed in a tax payer funded halfway house in Colorado owned by John Giduck

In either case, there is direct and demonstrable evidence of a money trail linking John Giduck’s Community Responsibility Center to the possibly illegal funneling of Colorado tax payer money to the Sudan.


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