I’m starting to feel sad for John Giduck. He continues to publish and send out emails proclaiming that he has NEVER made false military claims in his bios or seminars. Yet, John Giduck can’t clean these claims from the internet fast enough before they are found.

This claim is simply too easy.  It’s comes from a speaker bio from a May 2006 event hosted by the Hamilton County Police Association and the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police. Speaker bios are provided by the speaker and posted unedited by conference planners.

Presented by:  John Giduck, MA, JD, former Army Ranger, and president of the Archangel Anti-Terror  Group, is a recognized international terrorism expert


There it is in plan text.  John Giduck provided a speaker bio in 2006 in which he clearly lies about being an US Army Ranger when, in reality, John Giduck only completed 58 days of United States military service.  There is no error or wiggle room in this claim for John Giduck. It’s a clear lie and not the first with this bio.  There is another from November 2005 that has the same bio opening with the same claim. This also confirms that, between Nov 2005 and May 2006, John Giduck was commonly using a bio that included “US Army Ranger” as a John Giduck professional credential.

And yet John Giduck is claiming to be “outraged” that questions about his claimed credentials are being raised?

Aren’t John Giduck’s  mischaracterizations of his service how this whole dustup started? We have around 50 posts on this blog where John Giduck clearly is mischaracterizing the nature of his military service, inflating value of his credentials (VITYAZ anti-terror certification, anyone?  anyone?), or engaging in activities that a reasonable person might believe are indicators of a crime having occurred.

I don’t understand why John Giduck doesn’t post an admission that he lied about being Special Forces and being a Ranger. That is what started the questions. There are simply too many concrete instances to point to where John Giduck clearly says or left people with the false impression that he was something he wasn’t.

Posting these myriad examples is like fishing on a lake where the bass jump in your boat. Cool at first, and then too easy. I have so many unposted examples of false military claims by Mr. Giduck that I use them as fillers on days where I am working on deeper analysis about John Giduck.

I am going to direct the following directly to John Giduck:

So, John Giduck, you admitted that you didn’t complete basic training.  That had to really hurt as I’m sure that at least some people in your close circle around you didn’t have that information. When the FOIA doc was first posted, I’m sure that you told people it was fake. but, you eventually admitted it and it was not only the right thing but also a step forward.

There are so many examples of you making claims to be Special Forces and Ranger qualified or leaving such claims uncorrected.  Many of which that are yet to be published with likely even more to be discovered. It’s one thing to deny one or two but I’m sure it’s getting harder to convince people that the dozen or so posted so far are untrue. It’s only getting to get harder as more of your SF and Ranger claims are posted. Why not put your ego aside and do the same thing that you did with Basic training and simply admit your false claims and uncorrected  impressions left about having been Special Forces and Ranger qualified?

Remember that I am the person that gave you credit for having clearly said that you weren’t SF in one podcast. I’m a reasonable person and will put it in terms that you understand. If this were a court case, your lawyer would have likely been telling you to acknowledge the statements by now. This is also the way these things are resolved in any SOF team room. Think about it and consider it.


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