The evidence is mounting that John Giduck arrived in Beslan well after his newly changed arrival date of 5 September 2004. Imagine if a fundamental premise and differentiator of John Giduck’s book, “Terror At Beslan” , in which John Giduck claims to have arrived in Beslan as the “dust settled” turned out to be untrue.

Do I know that John Giduck arrived late?  The evidence would lead a reasonable person to believe so and ask reasonable questions of John Giduck. I do know that John Giduck had previously claimed to have arrived at the Beslan School on the morning after the assault (4 Sept 2004) and that has now changed to 5 Sept after uncomfortable questions were asked about his basic timeline. John Giduck has yet to post any hard corroborating evidence of his arrival date saying that he doesn’t want to “dignify” what is a fundamental question.

Did John Giduck arrive at the Beslan school on the 5 September 2004 date that he now authoritatively claims?

Here is what we know from other documented evidence and sources.

A US congressional delegation arrived in Beslan around 12 September 2004 and claimed that they were the “first and, to [their] knowledge, the only Americans allowed in Beslan” and authorized to visit the scene of the Beslan school massacre.

Now,John Giduck says in the text of his book that he arrived in Beslan “as the dust was settling”  which apparently means in John Giduck’s best case, the dust was still settling two days later

(Giduck, Terror At Beslan, pg 238)

Now, we’ll present John Giduck’s signature Beslan photo.  You know the one

This is the photo (posted using the “criticism” fair use clause) designed to lead people to believe that John Giduck was in Beslan while “expended brass” was under his feet.

– quote taken from comments section of theJohnGiduck blog

When would you guess that this signature photo was taken? Is it a vanity photo taken 5 september (when most people would take such photos)?  Nope.  Was it taken before the US Congressional delegation arrived in Beslan?  Nope.

What’s sad is that this john Giduck signature photo was taken weeks after the Beslan school siege started.  This has been the consistent premise of this blog’s author since beginning the analysis of John Giduck’s timeline – John Giduck’s timeline can only be described as “improbable” given that he had visa problems on the day that he wanted to travel after the siege.

Now, I know that some of you don’t believe me. To honest, I’ve known about the date of this photo for some time but didn’t know how to present this in a way that readers could easily replicate from a trusted source.  And, then this morning, I stumbled on this link…it’s called Google and the evidence that we’ll use the same photo as above posted on a event blog from March 2010–G4b1sQK0-8GFBg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=258&sig=109353498851253392872&page=2&tbnh=131&tbnw=189&start=17&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:17&tx=118&ty=84

Here is the key information that dates the photo:

Type:    JPG
Date:    16 Nov. 2004
Camera:    Olympus X400,D580Z,C460Z

So, John Giduck signature photo was taken weeks after the siege and long after the dust settled. This is an 1.4MB image from the original camera and not saved on 16 November 2004 or otherwise modified.

For the moment, John Giduck’s claim to have arrived in Beslan on 5 september 2004 remains unsupported by any hard corroborating evidence. We (defined as the readers including John Giduck supporters)  only have John Giduck’s word as evidence. John Giduck himself has changed the date by a day now and we all know from John Giduck’s false claims how trustworthy his word is these days.

For the moment, John Giduck’s own photo is  further evidence strengthening the argument that John Giduck arrived in Beslan, Russia long after the school siege and after the Congressional Delegation left and it’s evidence posted from 2010 – not 2012.  Given John Giduck’s prior photoshop work earlier this year of photos supposedly from Afghanistan, I would be highly suspect of images posted in 2012.


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