John Giduck apparently always wanted to be famous…well…he is now.

This will leave a mark.

Search for “Giduck, John P.”  My guess is that this will not be included in John Giduck’s speaker’s bios.

or now you can just go directly to the new John Giduck page.

The POW Network is one of the most respected poser busting orgs in existence.  Mary’s reputation with Law Enforcement is S-T-E-R-L-I-N-G.   I couldn’t think of a better member to be added to the group.

Hopefully, John Giduck will have his own whole page over there soon with all of his false claims searchable in google because Mary’s site is Google-icious. John Giduck certainly merits a dedicated page.

Good luck explaining that one away to the communities that you are fooling with the John Giduck endorsed VITYAZ anti terror summer camp certificate, John Giduck. Law enforcement and the military communities know and trust the POW Network because you have to surpass a certain bar to be included.

That is one mark that won’t buff out.


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