One has to love the power of crowd sourcing when analyzing the facts behind the book,  “Terror At Beslan”.  In short, there is new evidence showing that John Giduck’s newly revised 5 September 2004 arrival in Beslan is as improbable as the rest of his Beslan school arrival timeline. Credit for this pearl of a find goes to Papa Smurf over on SOCNET. 

Has John Giduck’s Beslan Elvis left the building?

John Giduck, author of the book, “Terror At Beslan”, and member of the POW Network’s Wall of Shame for military posers, had previously claimed to have arrived at the Beslan School with Yuri Ferdigalov at various points previously documented in this blog (links available in the “see also” portion of this post).

The first concrete date of 4 September 2004 provided by John Giduck was made in a 2008 podcast where he discussed the “Terror At Beslan” book:

Host: you’ve written about the incident at Beslan. Were you actually there?
John Giduck: we got…we attempted to get there while the siege was still going on. Due to some problems that we had getting my visa delivered in the time that I was promised. We ended up making it to Moscow on the last day, getting to Beslan the morning after the battle ended with the battle having ending at 11:20 the night before. [this would mean 4 September 2004]  (11:32 of the recording)

The 4 Sept date was changed in 2012 after uncomfortable questions where raised to John Giduck about the improbability of having arrived on 4 Sept 2004 from Colorado. Here is what John Giduck now claims in the latest approved commentary on his mouthpiece site, SOCNETLies Boo Hoo blog – note the odd changing of Yuri Ferdigalov’s last name as well:

When John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

But here is the problem as pointed out and documented by Papa Smurf. There is only one flight per day from Moscow to Beslan, Russia [more evidence other than shown below is provided at the Papa Smurf link]. The flight normally leaves mid day but it didn’t fly on 5 Sept 2004 at all:

there is only ONE flight from Moscow (DME) to Vladikavkaz (OGZ) airport – it is flown by S7 (Siberia Air); departs Moscow at roughly 12:40 and arrives in Vladikavkaz at around 15:00 – problem is, it did not fly on Sunday, Sept 5 2004.

They may not fly on Sundays or it may be consistent with an airport that has been closed to passenger traffic due to the Beslan border being closed on 4 Sept 2004 as documented in John Giduck’s 2012 claim above and elsewhere on this blog.

So, if Yuri Ferdigalov and John Giduck arrived in Moscow late on 4 September 2004 as claimed, they could not have made a mid-day connection to Beslan, Russia. We also know that the one daily flight to Beslan did not leave the next day so they could not have arrived on 5 September 2004 either as claimed.

The delay would also explain how Yuri Ferdigalov and John Giduck would have had time to sit down with senior Russian Spetsnaz officers in Moscow prior to departing to Beslan, Russia school massacre  site as documented in John Giduck’s book,”Terror At Beslan”.


– pg 112-113, Giduck, Terror At Beslan


“Just. Tell. Everyone. You. Went.” 

Prophetic words, perhaps?

My personal opinion is that John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov ddn’t travel together to the scene of the Beslan school massacre until November 2004 based on the independent public domain evidence available. Certainly, the 5 September 2004 arrival is now demonstrably false if nothing else. Once again, John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson would have knowingly compromised his integrity for John Giduck (and more likely the money involved)  if the “approved” 5 September 2004 arrival claim is untrue…that’s what happens the details of a lie fib tall tale unsupported claim come to light that don’t withstand scrutiny.

“When did John Giduck first arrive at the Beslan school?”

Until the question is conclusively answered with hard evidence, they call into question the fundamental integrity of the Terror At Beslan book and its author, John Giduck.  The proverbial ball is in John Giduck’s court now to demonstrate evidence that he was at the school prior to 6 September 2004.

I would be surprised if John Giduck will or even can.


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