Chester Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail is a stalwart member of John Giduck’s inner circle. One can safely opine from statements made by both of them that the inner circle concept apparently is defined as John Giduck employing Joe Bail as a consultant and, from John Giduck’s bio, Joe Bail returning the favor as Police Commissioner.   That’s how it works in Russia…and apparently (if John Giduck’s statements are actually true for once) in the Chester, PA too.

There’s lots more to come about Joe Bail’s incestuous relationship with Archangel. Interestingly,  it’s 2012 and Joe Bail apparently chooses to incorrectly identify Archangel as a non-profit organization on his official Chester, PA biography.  I wonder if he does this to make it appear that Joe Bail does this side job for strictly charitable reasons…they say that charity begins at home, I guess.

…but I digress…

Today’s focus is Joseph “Joe” Bail’s material contribution as part of the fact finding trip for John Giduck’s book, “Terror At Beslan”. Here is what Chester’s own top cop, Joe Bail, has to say about the trip.

As a consultant to the Archangel Group, a non-profit organization specializing in police and military unit training in anti-terror operations, he has travelled to Russia following the Beslan school crisis on a fact finding trip for the book “Terror at Beslan” with the author, John Giduck.

Other than Joe Bail seriously needing an editor for that page (unless there is some country actually named, “Isreal” [sic] that I am unaware of), it’s a clear statement of when Commissioner Joe Bail claims to have traveled to Beslan – before the publishing of the “Terror at Beslan”

The author of “Terror At Beslan” and now confirmed military poser, John Giduck, confirms the trip to Beslan for Joseph Bail as well.

Our efforts in traveling to VT were along the same as those that took me to Beslan, Russia in September 2004, including two follow-up trips; having been accompanied by Capt. Bail on the final trip to debrief Russian Special Forces.

John Giduck goes on to explain that Joe Bail went on a voluntary basis and without compensation for his time.  John Giduck aslo explains the rationale for including Joe Bail.

That purpose was to obtain as much accurate information as possible on the tactical situation confronted, and the operation that was ultimately launched to eliminate the threat. We pursued the identical purpose at VT. In these efforts, Archangel paid the majority of the costs associated with this evaluation, but neither Capt. Bail nor Deputy Hays received any compensation for their time.

In John Giduck’s world, a free trip halfway around the world doesn’t seem to be considered “compensation”. I wonder if the IRS would agree if such a benefit from consulting work even if unpaid would be considered compensation or if Joe Bail made any mention of the free trip in return for his “expertise” on his personal income tax filings for 2004/2005.

Of course, another detail perhaps intentionally left out by both men is that Joseph Bail wasn’t the police commissioner of Chester, PA at the time. In fact, Joe Bail doesn’t even appear to have been Captain Bail at the time. In 2004 until about 2006, Joe Bail is listed in numerous articles in his local hometown newspaper as Sgt. Joseph “Joe” Bail who appears to be working more narcotics and juvenile roles than anything else.

I just retired in January (2011) after 40 years as a police officer, all of them spent with the City of Chester, Pennsylvania PD. Other than time in the National Guard and a short stint in hospital security, this was the only job I ever had. I was the son of the police chief. I retired as a major and commanded the SWAT team (which I started), the Dive Search and Rescue Team and the Tactical Dive Team…

I have the mental image of Joe Bail seeing himself as this in regards to Counter-terrorism:

So exactly what did “the only active American Law Enforcement Officer to interview the Russian Special Forces personnel that responded to the Beslan massacre” have to contribute? Joe Bail has no apparent counter terrorism experience or onsite experience with mass hostage situations (at least any that seem to have found their way into Google). Joe Bail doesn’t indicate anywhere that he speaks Russian.  Beslan wasn’t a law enforcement operation; it was a military operation.  Chester Police Commissioner Joe Bail’s hands-on work history seems largely to be in Narcotics and Juvenile delinquency as opposed to counter-terrorism.

Given Joe Bail’s clear dearth of actual operational experience in anything counter-terrorism, it’s a good thing in my opinion that Archangel sent Joe Bail in an unpaid status to “evaluate the tactical situation”. Archangel got exactly what they paid for.  “The only American Law Enforcement…” is a meaningless claim that is about as authoritative as any US beat cop, narcotics officer, or juvenile delinquency officer opining on military counter-terrorism operations in a foreign country. It’s like the prototypical consultant being paid to consult on time of day and asking for your watch.  If you are law enforcement and are reading this, you have the same experience in your department today.

A key point is that Joe Bail is only credited with helping to edit “Terror At Beslan”.  This tells me the level that Joe Bail’s actual “fact-finding” produced in terms of contributions to the final work..

I have the utmost respect for Commissioner Bail’s time served as a police officer…but that doesn’t provide any sort of credential for evaluating the Beslan school incident except through the speculative lens that anyone that has not actually served in a CT unit would have. Oh, except in this case, instead of paying for a lawyer with a few military style adventure camps under his belt, you’ll get the same depth of experience only masked by a gun and badge. In short, you might get this mental image of Commissioner Bail instead of the one above.

If Archangel is so concerned about America being unprepared for a Beslan scenario here in America, why do they keep pushing consultants and authors who are so…well…professionally unprepared?  Nice guys?  perhaps. Good speakers? Ok. Qualified to be teaching such subjects? Nope.

Worse yet, those that pay Archangel for their consulting opinion are more than likely getting what Archangel got for what they paid for it too.  Don’t worry…they didn’t have to pay like you did.


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