To start this post, I want to be clear that I believe that Chester, PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail went to Russia at some point as a consultant for Archangel.  That said, like John Giduck’s claim to have arrived at the scene of the Beslan school siege in early September 2004, the evidence simply doesn’t corroborate Joe Bail having arrived in Russia (never mind Beslan) prior to the publication of the publication of “Terror At Beslan”

For context, let’s revisit when Joe Bail says that he went to Russia:

As a consultant to the Archangel Group, a non-profit organization specializing in police and military unit training in anti-terror operations, he has travelled to Russia following the Beslan school crisis on a fact finding trip for the book “Terror at Beslan” with the author, John Giduck.

Now, let’s examine some of the facts around when that travel would have needed to occur.

– The Beslan School tragedy occurred in Sept 2004.

Author of “Terror At Beslan” and POWNetwork-listed military poser, John Giduck, says that he and his Archangel Group team made three trips to Russia as part of the “Terror at Beslan” writing effort. [Then-Police Sgt.] Joe Bail made the third trip.

– John Giduck’s  “Terror At Beslan” book was published in March 2005.

In order to have participated in the fact finding for the “Terror at Beslan” book, Joe Bail would have needed to travel to Beslan between September 2004 and March 2005.

– Joe Bail claims to have traveled in the above timeframe

In February and March of 2005, [Joseph Bail] traveled to Russia to assist in the investigation into the mass-hostage taking and battle at the Beslan Middle School No. 1 in North Oseetia, Russia in September 2004.

– References to Joe Bail in the “Terror At Beslan” book include a statement of gratitude for helping edit the book in Jamaica and alludes to someone wearing a Chester, PA SWAT hat on page 113 of the “Terror At Beslan” book. There is no reference to exactly who might be wearing the hat.

So, why should readers believe that Joe Bail went to Russia to interview people about the Beslan school siege but not in the timeframe that he claims?

In July 2005, Joe Bail’s local newpaper did an interview about specifically about Beslan with both John Giduck.  John Giduck speaks at length about his travels to Russia….Joe Bail is only mentioned within the context of “working with” Archangel Group as a consultant and helping John Giduck edit his book.

Sgt. Joseph Bail, who heads up the Chester Police Department’s Narcotics Unit and the city’s SWAT team, works with Giduck as a consultant on SWAT operations.

“There is not a SWAT team anywhere in the county that is prepared for this type of incident,” said Bail, who helped Giduck edit his book.

“There’s going to be a battle, and innocent people are going to die,” he said.

Archangel team members openly brag about such things as having visited some of the most sensitive facilities in the US Department of Defense but no mention of a trip to Russia here by Joe Bail.  Not a word and this interview was conducted 4 months after Joe Bail allegedly returned from Russia.

We’ve already discussed how much value Joe Bail added to the “Terror At Beslan” book since Joe Bail is also not even mentioned in Terror at Beslan book beyond editing assistance in Jamaica.

Joe?  Ready to make your case?


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